[Tom8to] MadoX [Tom8to] Team Monster Tomatoes



Destroy a fully loaded transport in an Unranked or Ranked game.
Absorb 1,000 damage with hallucinations in an Unranked or Ranked game.
While playing as Zerg, warp in a Zealot in a Melee game.
Kill 50 supply worth of units within 15 seconds in a Melee game.
Destroy 40 units with a single unit in an Unranked or Ranked game.

Recently Earned

10 Wins Streak: 3v3 Very Easy A.I. 5/9/2015 Victory: Very Hard 4/25/2015 25 Wins: Random Command 2/28/2015 Victory: Medium 11/22/2014 5 Wins Streak: 2v2 Harder A.I. 11/1/2014 Destroy 10 cloaked or burrowed units in a single Melee game. 10/29/2014 25 Wins: Terran Command 10/25/2014 2v2 Versus A.I. Coverage: Medium 10/11/2014 50 Wins: Very Easy 10/11/2014