Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.

Recently Earned

Raiders’ Medal of Freedom 1/17/2013 Destroy a total of 100 enemy units in Free-for-All Quick Match games. 11/16/2010 View 10 television news broadcasts. 10/18/2010 Complete all mission objectives in the “Zero Hour” mission. 10/18/2010 Complete all the Final mission achievements. 10/18/2010 Complete “The Outlaws” mission on Hard difficulty in less than 10 minutes. 10/18/2010 Kill every enemy unit in the “Liberation Day” mission on Hard difficulty. 10/18/2010 Use the A.R.E.S. to kill the Brutalisk in the “Piercing the Shroud” mission on Normal difficulty. 10/18/2010 Complete all mission objectives in the “Liberation Day” mission. 10/18/2010