[Flar3s] Shwing [Flar3s] Risen From the Flar3s



Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.

Recently Earned

Warp in 5 Zealots during the first 250 seconds of a single Melee game. 1/8/2016 750 Wins: Solo Protoss 12/25/2015 Rage against These Machines 11/9/2015 Third’s the Charm 11/8/2015 Complete 100 missions on Normal difficulty in Co-op Missions. 9/26/2015 Filling the Void 7/28/2015 Normal: 50 6/10/2015 Two-way Dominant 11/18/2014 Purchase a subscription for the World Championship Series (WCS) on Twitch.tv, or any other qualifying WCS support product. 11/16/2014