Zerg Level 4Criteria 1
Win a game of Aiur Chef.
Destroy 30 units with Infested Terrans in an Unranked or Ranked game.

Recently Earned

Prevent the Dominion from destroying a Tram Engine during the Tram Ride in the “Back in the Saddle” mission. 11/14/2013 Complete the “Lab Rat” mission in less than 10 minutes on Normal difficulty. 11/14/2013 Complete all Kerrigan Level, Army mutation, and Evolution mission achievements. 11/14/2013 Destroy 35 Sentry Bots in the “Lab Rat” mission. 11/14/2013 Complete 5 Heart of the Swarm campaign missions on Brutal difficulty. 11/14/2013 Show off your new look to the following characters [Izsha, Abathur, Zurvan]. 11/14/2013 Complete all the Kerrigan achievements. 11/14/2013 Reach Kerrigan Level 50 in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 11/14/2013 Complete “The Reckoning” mission in less than 25 minutes on Normal difficulty. 11/14/2013