[RenVou] Centella [RenVou] Rendezvous



Complete the “Left 2 Die” scenario on Normal difficulty.
Destroy 5 units with a single Neural Parasited unit in an Unranked or Ranked game.
While playing as Zerg, warp in a Zealot in a Melee game.
Rock The Cabinet 2014
Rock The Cabinet Criteria 1

Recently Earned

10 Wins: Solo Zerg 7/1/2015 100 Wins: Solo Random 9/10/2013 Build a Factory during the first 270 seconds of a Melee game. 8/3/2013 500 Wins: Solo Zerg 7/31/2013 Morph 20 Zerglings during the first 255 seconds of a single Melee game. 7/31/2013 Victory: Hard 7/30/2013 Victory: Medium 6/12/2013 50 Wins: Very Easy 6/12/2013 Victory: Easy 6/12/2013