[UTK] MaFFGeeK [UTK] University of Tennessee



Finished a season in the Top 25 of a Team Master Division.
Finished a season in the Top 50 of the Grandmaster League.
Score 250,000 points on the Lost Viking arcade machine.
Score the rank of Gold in the “Rush Defense” challenge mission.
Outmatched: 2 Very Easy AI

Recently Earned

Target Purified 12/30/2015 Kill 50 units with Kerrigan’s Leaping Strike in a single mission on Hard difficulty. 12/30/2015 750 Wins: Solo Random 12/28/2015 Brutal: 25 12/27/2015 Terran Level 7Criteria 1 12/25/2015 Quick Match Bronze 12/25/2015 Complete 25 missions on Casual difficulty in Co-op Missions. 12/25/2015 Kill 25 units with Swann’s Combat Drop before they expire on Hard difficulty. 12/25/2015 Complete all the Commander Raynor achievements. 12/24/2015