Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.

Recently Earned

Play a game of StarCraft II during the 15th anniversary celebration. 12/26/2015 Complete 10 missions on Casual difficulty in Co-op Missions. 12/26/2015 Mission Recruit 12/25/2015 Win a Diamond Tournament 12/25/2015 Co-op Missions 11/19/2015 Destroy 5,000 enemy units with Zagara’s Banelings in Co-op Missions. 11/19/2015 Control at least 15 enemy units with Karax’s Reclamation ability in the "Templar’s Return” mission on Normal difficulty. 11/14/2015 Complete “The Host” mission in the Legacy of the Void campaign. 11/14/2015 Repair 2,000 life of friendly units by using Reconstruction Beam over the course of the Legacy of the Void campaign. 11/14/2015