Complete 6 challenge missions with a Bronze rating or higher.
Complete all mission objectives in the “Maw of the Void” mission.
Complete 15 missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign on Hard difficulty.
Destroy 20 units with a single High Templar in a Melee game.
Destroy 30 units with Infested Terrans in an Unranked or Ranked game.

Recently Earned

Finished a season in the Top 50 of a Team Master Division. 2/25/2012 Finished a season in the Top 50 of a 1v1 Diamond Division. 12/5/2011 50 Wins: Team Protoss 7/19/2011 25 Wins: Solo Protoss 7/18/2011 Train 10 Marines during the first 320 seconds of a single Melee game. 7/13/2011 10 Wins: Solo Zerg 6/13/2011 10 Wins: Harder 6/13/2011 10 Wins: Medium 6/12/2011 5 Wins Streak: 3v3 Medium A.I. 6/12/2011