While playing as Zerg, warp in a Zealot in a Melee game.
Finished a season in the Top 25 of a Team Diamond Division.
Using Warp Prisms, warp in 50 units in a single Melee game.
Three-way Dominant
Destroy 6 units with a single Seeker Missile in an Unranked or Ranked game.

Recently Earned

Lose fewer than 100 units during the “For Aiur!” mission on Normal difficulty. 12/3/2015 Train a combined total of 20 Zealots or Stalkers in “The Growing Shadow” mission. 12/3/2015 Complete “The Growing Shadow” mission in the Legacy of the Void campaign. 12/3/2015 Complete the Whispers of Oblivion Campaign. 11/21/2015 Kill 120 units with Colossi in the “For Aiur!” mission. 11/21/2015 Complete the “For Aiur!” mission in the Legacy of the Void campaign. 11/21/2015 Third’s the Charm 11/11/2015 Rage against These Machines 11/10/2015 Do not lose any units before destroying the Void Catalyst during the “Evil Awoken” mission on Normal difficulty. 11/9/2015