Recently Earned

Complete 5 missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign on Brutal difficulty. 3/8/2013 Use Blink to save a Stalker in a Melee game. 8/14/2012 Complete all mission objectives in the “All In” mission. 2/21/2012 Kill the Marauder Kill Team in “The Great Train Robbery” mission on Normal difficulty. 2/21/2012 Complete “The Great Train Robbery” mission without letting a Train pass by on Hard difficulty. 2/21/2012 Complete the "Haven’s Fall” mission with 5 settlements protected on Hard difficulty. 2/19/2012 Complete all mission objectives in “The Moebius Factor” mission. 2/19/2012 Use the Artifact no more than once in the “All In” mission on Hard difficulty. 12/18/2011 Complete 15 missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign on Hard difficulty. 12/17/2011