Outmatched: 2 Medium AI
Custom Game None
Score 250,000 points on the Lost Viking arcade machine.
10 Wins: Solo Zerg
Outmatched: 2 Very Easy AI

Recently Earned

Protoss Level 5 6/19/2013 Complete 15 Heart of the Swarm campaign missions on Normal difficulty. 5/6/2013 Complete “The Reckoning” mission in less than 25 minutes on Normal difficulty. 5/6/2013 Don’t let Dehaka die while destroying a Power Link in the “Death From Above” mission on Normal difficulty. 5/6/2013 Complete the Space Missions in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 5/6/2013 Complete 15 missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign on Hard difficulty. 5/6/2013 Complete all the Evolution missions. 4/20/2013 Destroy 3 Augustgrad Gates before the 5th Bile Launcher lands in the “Planetfall” mission on Normal difficulty. 4/20/2013 Complete the “Death from Above” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 4/20/2013