Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.

Recently Earned

Finished a season in the Top 50 of a 1v1 Diamond Division. 11/20/2015 Save 8 burning Terran structures in a single Melee game. 9/12/2015 Warp in 100 units with Warp Gates in an Unranked or Ranked game. 9/11/2015 Custom Game Terran 9/9/2015 Have 9 Protoss units warping in simultaneously in an Unranked or Ranked game. 9/9/2015 Destroy a total of 100 enemy units in Free-for-All Quick Match games. 9/9/2015 eSports Devotion 9/3/2015 Victory: Easy 9/2/2015 100 Wins: Solo Random 8/16/2015