Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.

Recently Earned

Protoss Level 5 1/3/2015 Complete all the Unranked / Ranked Combat achievements. 1/3/2015 Use Blink to save a Stalker in a Melee game. 1/3/2015 100 Wins: Solo Random 1/3/2015 Reach Terran Level 9 4/13/2013 Destroy 20 units with a single High Templar in a Melee game. 2/10/2013 5 Wins Streak: 2v2 Very Easy A.I. 10/6/2012 Destroy 50 Protoss structures in “The Dig” mission on Hard difficulty. 8/7/2011 Complete the Mar Sara missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign. 8/7/2011