HeartCore Devotion
Elite AI Romp: 50
Complete all the challenge missions with a Bronze rating or higher.
Complete 75 missions on Normal difficulty in Co-op Missions.
Watch any replay.

Recently Earned

FOS_D3ROS_COLLECTORS Criteria 1 4/4/2014 100 Wins: Solo Random 8/28/2013 Discover Zeratul’s next destination. 5/6/2013 Complete the “Planetfall” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 5/6/2013 Complete all the Kaldir mission achievements. 5/6/2013 Use 4 abilities within 10 seconds with Ability Efficiency. 5/6/2013 Don’t lose a Bile Launcher in the “Planetfall” mission. 5/6/2013 Kill 100 enemy units with the Infest Broodlings ability active. 5/6/2013 Reach Kerrigan Level 50 in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 5/6/2013