World of Warcraft
2013 Arena Pass

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the 2013 World of Warcraft® Arena Pass?
The 2013 World of Warcraft Arena Pass provides players with a special competitive environment based on the World of Warcraft Arena system. All teams participating in the Arena Pass will be competing on regional Arena Pass realms—separate from the live realms—for prestige and glory. This specialized format provides a means for high-level players to face off in an intensely competitive environment that emphasizes strategy, skill, and execution over all other elements of play. A registration fee is required to participate.
What is the format for this year’s Arena Pass?
Participating players will gain access to our dedicated Arena Pass realms and be able to create up to 11 level-90 characters per registered World of Warcraft account. These special realms will allow players to fully customize characters with some of the best items available in the game. We will use the 3v3 Arena format for this year. Please note that the standard 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 Arena season games will continue as normal on the live realms and will not be interrupted.
What is available on the Arena Pass realms?
Below is a list of features and incentives for this year’s Arena Pass:
  • Level-90 character templates will now be available, with vendors offering a plethora of gear from the Mists of Pandaria® expansion to outfit your characters.
  • Players can earn the exclusive Armored Murloc pet for their live characters.
  • Players can earn the exclusive Vanquisher title for their live characters over level 71.
What are Arena teams?
Arena teams are groups of players who choose to fight together in Arena ladder matches in rated Arena battles. Rated Arena battles affect your ladder ranking.
  • If you are not a part of a team, you cannot participate in rated Arena battles.
  • Your team will obtain a ranking by playing at least 10 matches per week.
When will the Arena Pass start?
The Arena Pass Service shall last for approximately nine (9) weeks, and will commence on June 25, 2013 at approximately 10:00 AM, Pacific Daylight Time (7:00 PM CEST)(subject to 'Server Maintenance' to be performed by Blizzard), and end on August 27, 2013 at 1:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (August 27, 2013, 10:00 AM CEST, subject to 'Server Maintenance' to be performed by Blizzard).
How do the dedicated Arena Pass realms work?
By signing up for the Arena Pass, players will be granted access to special Arena Pass realms. They will be able to create up to 11 new level-90 characters of any available race and class combination on these realms. There will be special vendors available who will have epic gear for players to choose from for equipping Arena Pass characters. These realms have been created for the sake of the Arena Pass and will not have any PvE instances available.
Can I transfer characters to or from the Arena Pass realm?
What epic gear will be available?
Characters will have access to full sets of Arena armor and weapons and other associated PvP gear.
Why is the gear for the Arena Pass realm not equivalent to the level of gear on the live realms?
We have chosen a large selection of epic gear for our participants to ensure a competitive playing field. For the sake of consistency, items on the Arena Pass realm may not always correspond to the level of gear on the live realms.
How will each character obtain gear and other necessities?
Upon entering the world with a new character, nearby NPCs in your starting area will outfit the character with gear, training, class-specific needs such as Hunter pets, and all the gold you'll need. In fact, everything your character will need to participate will be located conveniently in your starting area.
Will there be permanent enchants, gems, and glyphs?
Yes, there will be a large selection of permanent enchants, gems, and glyphs to choose from, including Inscription-based shoulder enchants.
How do I make an Arena team on the Arena Pass realm?
You can create an Arena team just as you do on the live World of Warcraft realms. You simply create the team on your PvP tab and invite your teammates. Once the team is created, you can compete with your fellow teammates in the special Arena Pass Battlegroup.
How many team members do I need for the Arena Pass?
The Arena Pass will use the 3v3 format only, so you need at least three members, including yourself.
Can I have more than three people on my team roster?
Yes. You can have up to six players on your 3v3 Arena Pass team. The additional players will act as 'bench' players in case one of your starting three cannot play, or if you want to change the makeup of your team.
Can I be on more than one Arena Pass team?
You can participate in more than one 3v3 Arena Pass team; however, you must meet the minimum play requirements to be eligible to earn the exclusive Arena Pass rewards.
How do I check my rankings?
Team rankings will be available on the World of Warcraft game site and updated daily, with the Arena Pass realm making up the Coliseum Battlegroup.
Will Arena Pass characters and teams appear on the World of Warcraft game site?
Yes, there will be full character and team profiles for the Arena Pass on the game site.
How is the Arena Pass structured?
The Arena Pass will run for most of the year once it starts. The first 5 weeks will be used for practice. After the practice period, ratings will be reset, and the competition will continue for four weeks during the rated phase. To encourage team stability, there will be a -150 team rating penalty for any player additions to your team during weeks after the practice period. Once the rated phase has closed, the realm will be continue to be available for practice and your playing enjoyment. The Arena Pass will be closed in December.
What can I earn by participating in the Arena Pass?
The available prizes are listed below:
  • Players who participate in at least 50 rated Arena Pass games on one character and with the same team will be eligible to receive the Armored Murloc pet for their live characters.
  • Players who are a member of one of the top 1,000 teams at the end of the rated phase and have participated in at least 100 rated Arena Pass games on a character on a qualifying team will receive the "Vanquisher" title for their live characters level 71 and over.
  • Please Note: The characters that players use to qualify for the above prizes must play all of their qualifying games on the same team and must remain on that team for the duration of the Arena Pass. If a player leaves their team at any time, it may void their eligibility by resetting the required number of games played. The live characters that players wish to receive the in-game prizes must be on the same account as the one registered for the Arena Pass.
Sounds good. How do I sign up?
To participate, you must:
  • Have an active subscription to World of Warcraft with an account in good standing, meaning the account is not flagged, suspended, or banned for violating any of the Terms of Service, EULA, or other rules of World of Warcraft.
  • Have a World of Warcraft account that has been upgraded to Mists of Pandaria.
  • Have a valid credit card to pay the per-competitor registration fee for the Arena Pass, which is $20 in North America and €15/£12 in Europe.
  • Complete the required information on the registration page to register for the Arena Pass.
  • Meet all eligibility requirements listed in the Terms of Use. Players meeting these requirements will be allowed to participate in the Arena Pass and will have access to the dedicated Arena Pass realms in their region.