Timeless Isle: Garnia Trick

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Hello there fellow players of Thunderhorn!

Over the last several days I have been bringing down Garnia from the Ruby Lake to The Blazing Way so that everyone may have a chance to tag her rather than stay up at the lake all day waiting for a spawn. Plus everybody hates those slow moving Albatross, am I right?

As I can't be on the Isle all the time, I thought I would tell you how I bring down Garnia for everyone with little effort. I have also recently met some resistance to this method as players (mostly Alliance) not knowing of this tactic and killing it from the Ruby Lake above.

How to Bring Down Garnia:

1.) Be a pet class (although temporary pets with action bars should work as well).

2.) Travel to the second lower red lake near Ordon Sanctuary and stand near the ledge with the Crimsonscale Firestorm (don't worry it won't pull). It does help to have a legendary cloak on your main or alt to travel here.

3.) Type /tar Garnia to target her and tell your pet to attack. Due to pathing it will travel up the wall to attack Garnia. Let it hit Garnia once then set your pet to passive so that it will return to you. Garnia will now follow your pet down the wall and into attackable range. Be warned, your pet may despawn on the way to attacking Garnia due to range.

4.) Make sure to spam a marginal or non-damaging spell to continue to kite Garnia down to the ground floor (where the two Ashleaf Sprites are) where everyone can get a tag.

Congratulations! You did it! Now maybe one less person would have to worry about that particular rare.

As always, remember your Timeless Isle rare etiquette. If you spot a rare, wait and call it out for others. If someone has already pulled the rare, simply hit it once to ensure your tag and increase the health of the rare to prolong its life.

Good luck with your pet drops!
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I'm about to break the cardinal rule of marketing on a server....but if you farm those Dandelion Frolickers on each of your characters, once a day, two of mine have sold for 20k on Darkspear. I'd imagine that they'd be significantly more costly on Thunderhorn.

To quote Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games trilogy:
Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

editing for clarification: the pet is very rare, that's why it generally sells for so much gold. I had trouble doing the event both times even with the chi-ji/xuen buff for my first and second time, ended up having to spam HT to keep myself up after a bit, but you can be healed by people as long as they're the same faction, so grab a buddy. Keep in mind, if they're in your party, they have a chance at the pet too if it drops.

Pretty unrelated to Garnia, but pet farming on him made me think of the Dandelion. I
will definitely have to try to get Garnia down.
As a boomkin, do you think I could treant him up there with a dot (will root, but dot will break root almost instantly) and let him run down the hill after me? Even better question, can I typhoon him off the edge?

If you think the albatross are bad on Thunderhorn, you'd go insane on Darkspear. For the first few days (before they got suspended for griefing, is my guess), a group of 5 were killing every single albatross and demanding 10k+ to let one live. Albeit, you can glide into almost anywhere, but I'm technically an albatross-mounted owl.
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