Proving Grounds and Reforging

I strive for a haste soft cap to get extra ticks on my hots, and my haste is lowered significantly due to the standardization of my gear in Proving Grounds.

Noob that I was, I didn't realize the stats were affected, got confused about what happened to my haste, spent loads of cash reforging back up to my haste cap, then had to do it all over again once I left to go raid XD

I'd like it very much if any changes you made to your gear 'inside' the proving grounds was free, and reset upon leaving.

We all have stats we reach for through reforging, Tanks DPS and heals. If those stats are going to be lowered through gear normalization, it can get really expensive getting your gear back up to those caps just for proving grounds.

I like this element a lot, just want it to be little more user friendly and less expensive =)

It should be a way to play with your gear and stats IMO, maybe even provide free gems or enchants to see how they affect your effectiveness, so you can then leave and go apply those changes to your gear.

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90 Worgen Druid
Considering I did gold and tried endless on my priest, I've never even considered that. Dps and healers that get benefits from reaching haste breakpoints are kind of effed by the gear scaling.


I think it would be nice if the reforges within the proving grounds was free, and it was reverted the moment you leave the instance (or maybe once you enter another instance/raid/etc).
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90 Orc Shaman
Yes please
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I just used my T13 gear. Pick whatever has the most sockets and use it.

edit: pretty much the same way you do CM's.
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100 Night Elf Druid
For resto druids there is great information on proving grounds posted by Hamlet and others in the EJ forums. (

Also Beru has a great post for resto druids in her blog.

Pick whatever has the most sockets and use it.

Things to remember:
    Set bonuses are disabled
    The legendary meta gem is disabled (At a minimum you will need a spare helm to put a spirit/crit or intel/crit meta gem in.)
    The legendary cloak procs are disabled, though it is the best cloak to wear.

Use the item restoration tool on the Blizz website and get back all the items you can with over budget gem sockets.

Trinkets that are over budget are also the best ones to use. The Relic of Chi-Ji, HLG, Alchemist Stone, etc.

edit: EJ URL
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12 Blood Elf Priest
I bumped into this, as well. You have my vote.
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5 Human Warlock
Great idea. And that would go a long ways towards evening out the competition between classes, especially for priests. Our top healer, a disc priest, totally regemmed and reforged for spirit several times in order to get proven healer and simultaneously support raids. Fortunately he is infinitely wealthy but still, that quickly gets very expensive. Our other priest gave it a shot with 9K spirit BEFORE entering the PGs and got all the way through bronze. This is a priest who has killed heroic Lei Shen several times. We told her she needs to fully regem and reforge if she wants to have a shot at endless. She said she's never going back.
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