Any Tips for the healing impaired?

90 Draenei Shaman
So i have been paying attention to my Logs in order to see where I can improve my skills, and I have been noticing I have been doing Sub par as of late. I know they made some changes to how HR and chain heal work in patch 5.4 but last week I was in SoO and noticed I was doing about 70-80K HPS, this week I have been doing about 50K HPS, 60K at best. now I know part of my issue is that I am missing some enchants as I have lucked out and got a boat ton of loot drops the past week so keeping up with the valor for the upgrades and the cost of the enchants on my server has made my gear a bit less sub par and I get that. but I was Doing the 70-80K HPS with the same gear load out well actually even less as I just got my tier 15 2 piece bonus on Sunday so why now with "better gear" then I had before would I be doing less HPS?
My basic rotation is to cast healing Rain with unleashed fury for the 30% bonus, and my HST on CD, tossing out HTT and chain heals during AOE phases. I have ancestral Swiftness macro'ed with my HTT for the extra tick(s) and also I use it with GHW on high dmg phases. the only thing I can think that is lowering my HOS is the snipe heals that happen in LFR as when I was doing th e70-80K HPS we where 3 healing the bosses.

any one got any tips to up my HPS other then finishing my chants and upgrades which I am already working on? Thanks
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90 Pandaren Shaman
EM this tier is probably behind both AS as well as EotE. Not a huge fan of glyph of riptide myself though will admit to not trying it out this tier. Was never really a fan of it.

Hard to say without logs why your healing would go down though. Could be that the other healers were trying harder than your last time through or had more paladins/disc that were sheilding people pushing all fo your heals to the OH catagory. End of the day you only need enough HPS to keep people alive. No one gets mailed a cookie for topping skada/recount/wol.

edit: also your reforging is kind of all over the place.
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12 Blood Elf Priest
Did your healing crew change? Holy Paladins and Discipline Priests lower the available healing because of their absorb effects.

Did your raid lineup change? If you're now missing a buff that you had before, you may be missing some primary or secondary stats that you had before.

And the gear/enchant thing may be bigger than you think. You're missing over 800 Int from your enchants (not counting scaling from raid buffs). That's nearly a flask worth of spellpower sitting on the table. If some of the upgrades you got were marginal in terms of ilvl you probably lost more than you gained until you enchant.
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90 Draenei Shaman
well the entire raid team changed due to it being a LFR team, the buffs might explain alot but the gear was the same from the run where I got the 70-80K heals to the 52K run last night,

as for the reforging I was thinking the same thing, I have been using AMR but I have been woundering if all the changes we have had as of late I should just manually do my Gems chants and reforges until later on when things are more stable.

Goig with a haste>crit build with the curent gear I have should I be able to hit the 3039 haste cape or should I Just give up and go for mastery build? I read that mastery build are no good till about Ilevel 530 so I went haste and crit was that the right path to go?
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90 Troll Shaman
You are talking about LFR healing, a environment as mentioned prior with different variables each time you que.
Not a accurate measuring stick of performance by any means. I only raid LFR theses days due to RL time constraint and a lack of desire to seriously raid 10’s-25’s and for me it is just keep HR and HST on CD, top charts.
If you are truly looking for accurate assessment on how well you should be performing, what you are doing wrong, try the following….
As mentioned by a prior respondent, get your gear in line, proper reforming, enchanting etc. (I have to ask why you would waste valor on upgrading 502 gear when you could of purchased the Shadow Pan Assault trinket and upgraded that).
Set your self up with a World of Logs account and run parses while you are doing LFR. There is a site if I recall correctly called Raidbots or Conparebots where if you log a parse you can compare it to other LFR raiders of your spec ,see how you stack, what you are doing differently. Etc.
Lastly and most importantly, if you truly want to raid and better yourself, find a yourself a reliable weekly pug or join a guild that raids and then see how you do outside of the LFR environment.
With out parses or doing any of that, gonna be tough to find the answers you are looking for outside of the obvious.
Hope this helps
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90 Undead Monk
Never go by LFR to judge your performance.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Never go by LFR to judge your performance.

But I'm awesome in LFR! /sadface
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90 Draenei Shaman
I will have to check out the raidbot site, and I have held off on getting the trinket as the one that drops from the Sha of pride in SoO is BIS i figured I would upgrade every thing else and then get the trinket if it did not drop by then.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Goig with a haste>crit build with the curent gear I have should I be able to hit the 3039 haste cape or should I Just give up and go for mastery build? I read that mastery build are no good till about Ilevel 530 so I went haste and crit was that the right path to go?

Really no right answer, depends what you are doing. At minimum with the T15 2pc you want to shoot for 3764 haste. It is still bugged so might want to shoot for an even 4000 haste. Will give you an extra tick of your HST and with RS talent it is a powerful break point.

Biggest thing is practice, practice, practice.
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100 Worgen Priest
Aside from the fact you always heal with different healers, and different amount of healers (there are a lot of people that go AFK in LFR and you end up with like 2-3 healers out of 5-7 actually healing). People know the fights better, or you have better players in the group (usually if you do it on a Tuesday this is the case), so they take less damage and there is less to heal.

There is also the Determination Buff. If your group wiped at all, on any bosses, even before you joined the group, you will get a pretty significant buff.
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100 Dwarf Shaman
First of all, you need to get rid of the agility necklace. Second, you need to get the enchants and gems that you are missing. You are missing your most powerful gem (meta gem) and your most powerful socket bonus (helmet). Your lack of enchants and gems is costing your over 1,000 int and several hundred points worth of secondary stats. If you are short on cash, make sure you get some dailies done. The tillers dailies usually take less than 10 minutes and will net you around 100 gold. also, while youre there, you can grow stuff on your farm to sell in the AH. Also, if you are concerned with your raid performance, make sure you aren't spending money on stuff like mounts, pets, alts, etc. Ultimately, it's your decision on what is more important to you, but I'm assuming that since you are here on the forums asking for help that your raid performance takes priority.

You also need to get your professions up. Alchemy is by far the easiest profession to level and it will get you another 320 int. You have herbalism so you can go farm your own herbs for leveling and sell any excess on the AH. Also, the haste buff from herbalism kinda sucks for the most part but I typically macro is to ascendance just to help squeeze out a few more heals. If it will put you over a breakpoint for an extra tick, you might want to macro it to healing tide totem instead.

If you are concerned with losing HPS due to other healers sniping heals it means you are overhealing fights (almost always the case in LFR), and therefore a mastery build is the absolute worst possible choice. In situations like this, a haste build is going to provide the best throughput. You'll want to make sure you have enough spirit to sustain the increased mana consumption rate with a high haste build, but after that your stat priority would look like this:

Haste > spirit > int >>> crit > mastery.

In practice, at your gear level (and assuming you don't have the legendary since you're not using a meta gem at all right now), you would implement it like this:

320 spirit in blue sockets
160 haste 160 spirit in yellow sockets
160 spirit 80 int in red sockets

On any item with haste and spirit, don't reforge.
On any item with spirit and crit/mastery, reforge crit/mastery to haste.
On any item with haste and crit/mastery, reforge crit/mastery to spirit.
On any item with both crit and mastery, reforge whichever is higher into haste or spirit depending on what you need more of at that point.
On any item with a single secondary stat, reforge it into haste or spirit depending on what you need more of at that point.

Again, this is assuming you don't have the legendary metagem and will need more spirit to handle the higher haste rating. If either of those assumptions are wrong, then you would want to shift your gem strategy to focus more on haste than spirit. Also, be mindful of haste breakpoints. If you are close to one, reorganize a few gems or reforges to get there. Use to help you hit a breakpoint without spending cash to redo gems and reforges.

For your talents, I would drop elemental mastery for ancestral swiftness. EM is best on fights where you have low overheating and need the extra throughput from pairing it with healing tide and ascendance. You won't find those situations often in LFR. I would also drop totemic projection for call of the elements. It pairs very well with rushing streams. If you haven't used it before, I'd recommend using it on cool down every time for extra healing stream totems until you get used to it and can find specific times that you think you'll need it during fights. Depending on how good you are about using the buff from your fire elemental, you might want to pick up unleashed fury too.

For glyphs, the cleansing one is crap even on fights that require cleansing. Healing stream totem can be good if there is fire, frost, or nature damage going out, but in terms of healing it prevents damage entirely rather than increasing your throughput. That's good for your team, bad for your meters and epeen.

Get all these things in check, then go run some logs so you can track your progress and analyze them to see where you have room for improvement. Vixsin has some good posts about how to analyze world of logs data over on Google should be able to find them for you.
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