character screen avoidance DRs

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Does the avoidance shown in out character screens' defense tab show the diminished values now?

I ask because I picked up a royal seal this evening and has an on use +parry effect. Wowhead says the use provides 8.4% parry for the duration, but my character screen changes from ~19% to ~24%. To see that it's not just the trinket, I pulled out my glyph of indom which wowhead shows as providing 11.31% dodge; it caused my dodge to jump from roughly 19% to around 25%.

Am I just weeks behind and the (Before diminished returns) part there just to confuse people?
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When you mouseover, it will say X rating (Y% before diminishing returns). And that value is correct; the Y% is before diminishing returns.

However, the sheet itself will say A% dodge, B% parry. These values, the ones displayed on the sheet itself with no mouseover, are the diminished values.
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there's an addon called Ratings Buster (i think), and it shows in () nest to each stat what it provides. Hit, Expertise, Mastery, Dodge, Parry, you name it. What's even better is that it factor's in the diminishing returns as well. So if you equipped your glyph, it wold say in parens next to it that it increases dodge by around 6%, and if you took all your gear off, it would say around 11%.
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