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90 Orc Warlock
Just a note to everyone that wants drain life as the filler for affliction.. go away go play shadow priest stay away from my warlock class i love it and love how affliction plays.
thats it
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85 Undead Warlock
because its so absurd that the spec that supposedly specializes in dots and drains would have a drain as a filler as opposed to a nuke that doesn't benefit from its mastery and whose talents are in the destruction tree.
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90 Orc Warlock
I just personally feel like drain life is far more clunkier than shadow bolt, watching ticks on my cast bar is annoying (not hard, quite easy with mods like quartz). I just see no reason to change fillers. Right now i agree shadow bolt doesn't have any synergy with the tree aside from shadow embrace. I like affliction if you don't like casted nukes in a dot class go play shadow priest let the people that like affliction the way it is keep it.

edit: for pvp drainlife is always going to better than sbolt esp with most affliction based pvp specs not picking up bane, 3 sec casts in pvp are no bueno
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
I'm fairly certain the OP was talking about PVE, since DL is still PVP viable.

And PVP/PVE balance is probably much of the reason it was nerfed. And while a change of pace is fun for a while in PVE, I tried DL pre-nerf and wasn't feeling it after a while. The fact is, current game mechanics don't support using DL as a filler, and I'd rather that other areas of our class were examined before worrying about this was examined.

Also, I am disliking this post not because of content, but placement. There is still a warlock section; use it.
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80 Undead Warlock
Just a note to everyone that wants drain life as the filler for affliction.. go away go play shadow priest stay away from my warlock class i love it and love how affliction plays.
thats it

Just a note to everyone that wants shadowbolt as the filler for affliction... go away go play fire mage stay away from my warlock class i love it and i want to fix it.
thats it.
P.S. you are retarded. Its not your spec. Its not your class. Its the warlock class, and the affliction spec, and they belong to everyone.
Whats more, if you think drain is like SPriest, i think nuke is like every single other caster spec. Do you want to be more like spec A, or would you like to be more like spec B, C, D, E, F and G?
And you think DL is clunky? You are kidding right? DL is more clunky then SB? HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!
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90 Orc Warlock
There edited title for you.

shadowbolt has been the filler forever i don't see why it should be changed it plays just fine with the spec right now.
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90 Undead Warlock
Just a note to everyone that wants drain life as the filler for affliction.. go away go play shadow priest stay away from my warlock class i love it and love how affliction plays.
thats it

You know warlocks have their own forum right? Oh, you're trying to I see why it's in damage dealing.
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90 Orc Warlock
The spec does fine damage just gotta derp harder.
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85 Human Warlock
I still love the fact that ElitistJerks sim'd Affliction w/ DL filler higher than Affliction w/ SBolt filler even after Devs stated that they intend SBolt to be the filler, and even if this is no longer their stance SE is still reliant on SBolt otherwise Afflictions ramp up time would be completely ridiculous (oh wait... it already is).

Affliction in PvP is horrible because you can never ramp to full damage and you will likely be killed before you get close anyway.

Anyone who claims to have had SE stack to 3 on them in PvP is either lying or extremely bad.
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100 Undead Warlock
I disagree, I'd much rather DL to be the filler for afflic :/
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80 Undead Warlock
Affliction: This spec specializes in damage over time and drains.



Affliction: This spec specializes in Shadow Bolts and DoTs. Wait, what?
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85 Dwarf Warlock
I would very much enjoy having drain life as a filler instead of shadow bolt ^_^
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85 Undead Warlock
This is from my blog i have been using Drain life on live since 4.01 and i find it better in every way in ICC with my gear i do about 15000 dps on bosses and am out dpsing people in almost full 277 gear. I have no problem with this spec its fun and i want to keep using drain life forever.

Welcome to the Affliction Warlock blog where I will try to spew forth my Warlock knowledge to enlighten the clueless masses. I am your host Mergana. A little about myself, I have been a affliction Warlock since the Burning Crusade, through thick and then, I have seen the ups and downs of this spec over the years and I have gained a lot of knowledge that I hope to share with your butts every week. Today I want to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my black heart, Drain Life.

Drain Life Vs. Shadow Bolt

Drain Life

* Scales with Afflictions Mastery
* Benefits for Afflictions Talents
* Heals you
* Is a dot in a dot class
* Refreshes Corruption
* Ticks every second
* Has a 4% chance to proc nightfall every tick
* Scales with Demon Soul (fel hunter)
* Procs Dark Intent
* Is unique
* Looks freaking cool!

Shadow Bolt

* Does not scale with Afflictions Mastery
* Is a Destruction spell
* Does not refresh corruption
* Does not scale with Demon Soul
* Does not Proc Dark Intent
* Make you spend 6 points in Destruction to make it viable
* Is a boring nuke like every other dps casters has (except shadow priests)

As Affliction, we can expect our filler to do between 30 to 40% of our dps. Would you rather have filler that will scale with your gear and talents or one that will fall behind and gimp your dps?

Some people say that having a channeled filler makes us just like shadow priests. However, I think it is unique every caster has a casted nuke and only 1 that’s right one has a channeled so really we are much more unique if we have Drain Life as our filler.

In Cataclysm staying alive and damage reduction will be far more important then on live. The fact that drain life is healing us will help our survivability a ton and with Life Tap taking 15% of your health and the siphon Life uber nerf we need all the help we can get. Besides I think it fits Afflictions Style we are the class that melts you as we suck the life out of you then we take your soul.

I say if you want to cast shadow bolt all day spec Demo, if you want but crits go destruction, but if you want to be the dot class go Affliction and melt people.

Btw regardless Drain life will out scale shadow bolt with mastery gear no matter how you look at it.

Common Issues

Shadow Embrace

Keeping shadow embrace up while using drain life is a challenge. We have 15% of our damage tied up in that darn talent, but there are ways.

Cast haunt as soon as it is off cool down. With nightfall Drain Life has a 4% chance to proc a shadow trance every second and corruption has a 4% chance every 3 seconds. Its RNG yes but I find it is easy to keep Shadow embrace up if you follow these steps. Besides we are not Arcane mages we like a challenge.

Improved Shadow Bolt effect

This is a fun one, ISB last for 30 seconds and you should have 3 points in Shadow
& flame at 85. This will give you a 100% chance to proc it when you hit with shadow bolt. I find that it is almost impossible to not get a nightfall proc in 30 seconds. However, I open with shadow bolt and will cast it if ISB is falling off. So really it’s no problem.

Clipping channeled spells

This one gave me a problem when I first started with this spec.

First since Drain life ticks every second if you have to move mid cast you still do some damage also by using a simple macro you can spam drain life and never have to worry about clipping it.


/stopmacro [channeling]

/cast Drain Life

I hope I have shed some light on Drain Life, overall I find it fresh and exciting and it really has that affliction fell, when I use drain life I really feel like a Affliction lock. Its Fresh, it’s new, and it’s Green! Its drain life.

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85 Undead Warlock
I don't see why they can't make both spells equally viable.

I haven't been playing a Warlock all that long, maybe a bit under a year or so.

I like how Shadowbolt feels for the class in PvE; my personal preference is to have a cast-based nuke as my filler. I have a Shadow Priest (had, I re-spec'd her into Holy / Disc), and I didn't like the channeled nuke style of play. But that's just my preference.

I would feel very unhappy with my Affliction Warlock if I had to suddenly start playing her like I did my Shadow Priest. On the other hand, I also recognize that there are Warlock players who prefer the Drain Life-style as their filler. I want them to be able to have fun, just like I want to have my fun. It'd be pretty selfish of me to want it ONLY my way.

I think it'd be beneficial for both "sides" to have what they want; being able to choose your style (even if it's through talents) to me is preferable to one or the other. They did it with Frost DK's and Dual Wield vs 2h, I don't see why they can't think of a way to do that for Affliction's Drain Life vs Shadow Bolt.

I have not PvP'd enough on my Warlock to really have an opinion either way. I can say that Destro has a much, much easier time putting out pressure and getting kills. I've only tried Affliction in one BG though, so again, I cannot really comment from first-hand experience there.
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73 Blood Elf Rogue
I liked the channel of the old DL this new quick time version sucks. And no I think spamming SB in between is silly as an affy lock, I would much rather DL, and make DL worth using.
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