why do alts get risk-free gank passes post-68

85 Human Warlock
so i just got this guy into northrend. i leveled him up on a server where i had no other characters because every other server i have characters on is absolutely dead population-wise.

i have quickly noticed hordies who will simply fly over me at a safe range and watch what i do, and the moment i attack a mob in PvE they swoop down and take the opportunity to gank me. this'd be all fine and well except that because this is a fresh character, i am COMPLETELY restricted from purchasing cold weather flying until 77, meaning i'm stuck on the ground while they can hover above me with zero risk to themselves and simply strike when the odds are in their favor. i just want to say that i find this extremely lame and i'm a bit disappointed that blizzard would design leveling content like this. why should they get to gank me whenever they want at no risk to themselves just because they have another character on that server that leveled up in the area BEFORE this kind of risk-free ganking was ever possible?
100 Draenei Shaman
I thought you could just buy cold weather flying now, you don't even need an 80.
85 Night Elf Mage
Dunno if this has been mentioned yet, but you can get cold weather flying at 68.
86 Human Priest
I heard somewhere that you can get CWF at 68 - don't know if it's true or not, though.
85 Worgen Rogue
hey guys just thought you should know you can get cold weather flying at 68 now
100 Human Paladin
I don't know why no one has told you yet, but you should get yourself to Dalaran. You can buy Cold Weather Flying there from the trainer, regardless of if you have an 80 or not, because they lowered the level required to 68.
Hang on, though. Isn't it true that you can get CWF at level 68? Can someone confirm?
85 Undead Rogue
Hang on, though. Isn't it true that you can get CWF at level 68? Can someone confirm?

Confirmed, you can get Cold Weather Flying at 68.
85 Blood Elf Hunter
100 Tauren Shaman
Nobody's probably said this so i thought I should be the first. Pretty sure Cold weather flying comes at 68 on everyone now. I'm only pretty sure though.
87 Human Priest
I just wanted to note it. You're all evil.

Go on.
85 Human Paladin
I like eggs.
75 Tauren Shaman
I just wanted to note it. You're all evil.

Go on.

how are we evil? For pointing out something that could've easily been known if they'd thought to look? I mean, we did just hit a major patch, which implemented yet another new form of flying. No need to go and look to see if anything else had changed, amirite?
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