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I see all these threads about " I just solo'd this, and I just solo'd that" "nerf tanks"... and I cant help but to think how stupid people are being. I mean really, you are using Cata mechanics and talents to play Wrath. SO what.. am I supposed to be impressed. In Cata if there are 4 mobs in your first instance pull, you need to cc at least 2 of them, and prob 3 if possible. Do you think if a healer can not keep you up while tanking 4 mobs in the instance, that your now OP self heals will ??. Feel free to try it. When the talent trees were released for Wrath people were doing some pretty insane things in BC, does not mean all of the classes were OP for Wrath. In fact a lot of the classes that were spectacular in BC with Wrath talents (Elemental Shamans for one) ended up needing a lot of help at 80 with decent gear.

People are just taking current skills and spec's and judging them in a context they were not released for.
Sit back, relax... if you can Solo Lich King right now....hey great, have some fun with it...you wont solo the first pull of the first heroic you do in Cata.

My 2 cents.
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You took a troll thread and made another to argue against it... I fail to see past the redundancy of this logic's redundancy.
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Nah, it's a legit post.

I agree with you, OP.

Sweet name, too.
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I'm not saying I do not agree with his/her sentiments, in fact I do. What I am saying is that this is redundant and should have been in the other thread.
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I ... am ... OP ... Feel free to ... nerf ... my .. self heals
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85 Draenei Death Knight
I ... am ... OP ... Feel free to ... nerf ... my .. self heals

I'm sorry, did somebody say something? I didn't quite catch that.

You know it makes it hard to side with warriors with actions like this. The hands you bite now might be the hands you need to help press your case later. I'm not sure why this class rivalry is so needed.
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meh, i was just seeing the irony.

I know we can expect more and more changes as we get closer to release, and even after. Holy Power is a relatively new things for paladins, so they've been smoothing it out for a while.

Paladins were soloing Wrath heroics before 4.0.1, so it was expected they would continue to do so afterwards.
Heck, a DK even solo'd rotface down to his enrage timer.

People may think things are getting more and more smooth as we get closer to release, that changes should be smaller and smaller, but hey, they just buffed stam by 40% liek a week ago.

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See, my first thought upon seeing the thread title was
We agree with Communism.
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