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90 Human Monk
My guild on the horde side wants me to transfer to horde and well obviously i am ally. i am a healer and i know i dont have gems and enchants. but i wanted to make sure i liked this class enough to make it my main to heal. now in lfrs i am only getting around 40k heals per second which im told is not amazing. the highest i ever had was 55k and im just worried that i will be spending that money for nothing just so i can try a 10 man and fail. i spent all week gearing and getting to know my class i use mouseovers and a razor naga mouse.

i am open to suggestions and yes i know i dont have gems or enchants which i am told will make a huge difference but at 511 ilvl and reforging i believe i should be pulling well over 55k heals per second. that and i do not want to waste 30 dollers on a transfer to horde.

thank you for reading! all comments are appreciated!
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90 Night Elf Druid
LFR is not a really a good measure for your healing, sure it's not bad to practice in but when it comes to numbers one other healing player paying somewhat attention can outheal everyone and leave not much left to heal with.

You already mentioned needing gems and enchants, get on that :p

If you want to transfer, do it :p You could always gem and enchant and try to do flex or a cross realm ToT to see where your healing actually stands.
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90 Human Monk
Well heres the problem, i have a 10 man ToT coming up on saturday and i have to transfer to horde for that. i dont want to let them down at all because i feel like i am not healing all to well. i enjoy the monks healing style alot its fun and new and different from just straight dps.
i am just worried i am not up to par with how i should be using my abilities and if im doing anything wrong at all considering i keep my HoT up all the time and uplift just about every time i get enough chi which is 2.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Well there's no real way to tell you that without knowing what spells you use etc via logs.

Gem and enchant and try to do one alliance side before making your decision.
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90 Worgen Druid
There are plenty of decent guides on youtube... Check 1 out to get a feel of things.
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90 Tauren Priest
If your guild doesn't appreciate your healing then I wouldn't pay money to transfer for their stupid raid. Trust me they don't give a damn that you had to spend money. They will kick you to the curb if they don't like you.

I am sure that if you are putting forth a good effort that your healing is fine. If they say otherwise then it's probably just some jerk with a big head. At 511 you will be fine healing ToT as long as you are putting forth the effort. If they don't want to help you like giving you some gem and enchants while you pay to transfer then just find another guild.

You can also get the oQueue addon and find some pug raid to practice on. Its a great way to learn a class. Its also a great way to branch out from jerk guilds.
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90 Pandaren Monk

I've used these guides, plus a lot of trial and error myself. I don't claim to be good, at least not yet, as i've only been healing for like two weeks.

Keep in mind that this was made in 5.3, but i can't find any reason why it's not all still valid.
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