Rapsidy's Reese's Pieces (Healer OT)

90 Night Elf Druid
The Rules:

1) Be excellent to each other. No one likes a jerk. Don't be a jerk in this thread. No fighting, no put downs, no name calling - or else Reta will beat you with a stick. >:(

2a) The title of the next thread is to be decided by general acceptance before this one caps; try not to overlap with previous ones. Whomever caps the thread should make the new one.

2b) Keep the ToS in mind when deciding on a thread title. This will make it far less likely to be deleted. Also, the title of the thread should always involve food! This is the healer forum and we're weird.

3) Copy and paste these rules and the below list into the first post of the new thread. Add the title of the new thread to the bottom of the list.

Titles of previous OT threads:
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Rapsidy's Reese's Pieces


IRC info: http://outofmana.me/healchatirc

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100 Tauren Priest
Can I has a title pretty please?

I promise il behave in dungeons and raids starting tomorrow morning.
90 Night Elf Druid
What foooooddddddd
90 Human Priest
Rapsidy's Rapping Rabbit Rum
100 Tauren Priest
Bleck I don't like alchohol.

Rapsidy's Reese's Pieces.

Or Rapsidy's Reese's peanut butter cups if you can fit it I like those better

Rum works to I guess if you guys like the drinking. But I've never eaten rabbit.
Edited by Rapsidy on 9/28/2013 10:29 PM PDT
90 Troll Shaman
Sigh, well I'm done raiding with the group I was with on this character. I guess I should just xfer off since nobody doing normals really wants me.
100 Tauren Priest
Why would no one want a resto shaman?
90 Troll Shaman
Server is just about dead. I need to find a weekend guild. I prefer just playing enhance, but the only choice I had at the time was to go resto. And I'm done with that guild now, since I think the raid leader is very stubborn and wants to do things the hard way, plus there is someone who really really doesn't like me. :/
90 Night Elf Druid

I hate LFR. Go with friends cos why not? Want to gear druid!

First wing, first boss. Wipe. Oh joy. Then kill them. Then tanks leave. Then some healers leave then EVERYONE BUT 9 PEOPLE LEAVE. 25 minutes later full group. One shot boss. Same thing. TANKS LEAVE.

100 Tauren Priest
Vero do yourself a favor.

Stay out of lfr.


Well gl on your search! Shouldn't be to hard to find a new guild and going to a new server is always scary but exciting.
90 Night Elf Druid
We ended up leaving :P

Group wasn't bad really minus the one wipe. One person whispered me after second boss on how to do the third, which is fine with me!
90 Pandaren Monk
Ive been thinking about starting to play my DK tank again. I am going to avoid LFR on my monk but if someone would like a tank to join them when they queue hit me up.
90 Pandaren Priest
Server is just about dead. I need to find a weekend guild. I prefer just playing enhance, but the only choice I had at the time was to go resto. And I'm done with that guild now, since I think the raid leader is very stubborn and wants to do things the hard way, plus there is someone who really really doesn't like me. :/

told you lb sucked
100 Tauren Priest
Ima bad bad bad d and r poster. But I promised to behave tmrw morning so.

90 Troll Shaman
Yeah, I know LB sucks. But my boyfriend and a lot of my other close friends are here. My schedule doesn't allow me to raid with them though.

I'm too stubborn to try and leave right now, so hopefully connected realms happen in the next month or two.
100 Blood Elf Monk

O boy. Mmo is having a field day about whether this counts as a world first heroic garrosh kill because Asia gets 8 ilvls higher than we do and seperate raid lockouts for ten and 25 man but only their 25 man setting is harder while their ten man setting is the exact same difficulty.

So the guild in question used the 8 Ilvl higher 25 man loot to kill the ten man same difficulty boss.

It's a valid concern. Even one weeks worth of gear was enough to make us overshoot the dps check for Norushen.

If every raider had 8 ilvls higher, DPS would be absolutely trivial on all of these encounters. There's a reason nobody takes China very seriously in the race. lol
100 Tauren Priest
Well actually it's more like 16. Cause 8 Ilvl plus 8 from valor. I'd give em world first if they didn't game their raid lockout system and only use ten man loot and 2 lockouts like us but yeah it's like comparing lfr to heroic.

I'd consider it valid maybe on 25 man tho since he's buffed to compensate the higher loot. Idk. It would suck to be excluded from world first races just because blizzard gives you a different rule book .
90 Pandaren Priest
except we have access to valor upgrades too?
100 Blood Elf Monk
Double-lockouts + high ilvl = they will never be on par with the west.

Two completely different brackets. Even when you consider it being "buffed" - they still have the stats to handle it as if it were a normal fight.

Not their fault, but it's completely unfair to put them in the same bracket as western guilds when competing for world firsts. It would be like having a baseball team pumped on steroids playing little league with a bunch of 8 year olds.

except we have access to valor upgrades too?

Yeah, they're still only 8 ilvls ahead of us, but it's still a MASSIVE gain.
Edited by Mist on 9/28/2013 11:17 PM PDT
90 Night Elf Druid
^ Yeah that's pretty silly.
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