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100 Human Paladin
Alright so I've been trying so hard to get to wave 30 of endless, so far my highest is 25 i think, and by then I'm out of cool downs and people just keep getting one shotted, anyone have any ideas or anything can try, I've tried stacking haste for the eternal flame ticks, but didn't seem that good, still stacking mastery, I consider my self a very competitive healer and i really want this title of wave 30.
On a side note god damn the tank is squishy, i didn't know pandas tank with cloth on and let things global them.
any advice?
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100 Human Paladin
Biggest advice I can give is to wait until the hotfix for the healing challenge comes through. Right now the AI for the party in there is horrible, and its almost impossible to do unless you get crazy lucky.
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100 Orc Shaman
Biggest advice I can give is to wait until the hotfix for the healing challenge comes through. Right now the AI for the party in there is horrible, and its almost impossible to do unless you get crazy lucky.

The AI was fixed to AOE on the trash last week. I doubt it's going to change any further.

Compared to when they only did single target it's a million times easier.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I wouldn't stack haste, instead max your spirit (flask at least, food if you have need it) and mastery. FoJ, Clemency, HA are definitely recommened, Light's Hammer or Holy Prism, either will do, I chose to go with lights hammer. Glyph Hand of Sac for sure.

One of the most important things, IMO, is to know each type of mob that will spawn in the waves, where they spawn, and which you'll be interrupting/stunning. Being prepared before each wave is very important. Once you get behind it's hard to get back in control without burning mana. Also, know that you can drink to full after wave 10 and 20. Make sure to top off your party before about 7 seconds or so before the mob dies, then when combat drops drink to full. Should have plenty of time to top if you need it.

Having issues with tank damage mostly? Make sure to be CS'ing the melee adds to keep up weakened blows. Remeber you can taunt/kite them as well.

If one of the caster adds isn't being tanked in the group (should only happen on the waves of 4 adds), make sure to interrupt to get them in the pack.

BoP the hunter/mage when they get the bleed from the tunneling adds. When the tank does, make sure you're saving a sacrifice for it. If he is already sub 80% or so you will want to use a cd (AW or HA) to get him topped quick.

The add that does the heavy AoE, make sure you are on him to back up for interrupts. Generaly the rogue is going to shadowstep/stun him first, then he will interrupt the first cast. Most times the mage will get the second one as well, but be ready to catch it in case they do not.

Other than that, you will need to be specific about what you're having issues with.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Reforge all haste. Take FoJ, Clemency, DP, and LH.

Use Divine Plea one the 2nd (12th, 22nd, etc) wave and then on CD after that. Use LH on CD.

Wave 1: Just heal the tank and watch the Flamecaller. Rogue will open with a stun, and then kick. After the rogue kicks, use rebuke. Follow up with HoJ/FoJ to interrupt the next one. The rouge or mage should get the next and the your rebuke should be back up after that.

Wave 2: Rouge should open up on Hive-Stinger with a stun. He'll follow up with the first kick. Follow up with rebuke and then HoJ/FoJ afterward. Use Hand of Sac on tank about 10 seconds or so into the wave as he'll be getting trucked.

Wave 3: Try and HoJ a tunneler if you can. Otherwise, just focus on healing the people that get the bleed first. They are your first priority and you will fall behind if you don't make them so.

Wave 4: HoJ an Aqualyte at the start. After rogue kicks the flamecaller, rebuke the next cast. Dispel only the debuffs of melee when both Aqualytes are up. If 2 melee get it, dispel one and DA. Rebuke flamecaster if still alive when possible. Pop AW/DF if needed.

Wave 5: HoJ Hive-Stinger as soon as it spawns. Let Rogue take the next stun and kick. Then rebuke it afterward and hope either the mage gets the next or prepare to heal. Sac the tank as soon as the big guy enrages. Damage is minimal once the Hive-Stinger dies so don't blow your mana.

Wave 6: The Conq will still be up. HoJ the tunneler on spawn and rebuke the flamecaster. Dispel when needed and just try and heal the best you can. Prioritize bleeds first, use GotAK if you fall behind.

Wave 7: let Rogue get stun and kick on the Hive-Stinger. Then rebuke and HoJ. Mage should get the next one or rogue's kick might be back up if your timing was good. Otherwise prepare to heal the AoE. Damage shouldn't really be too terrible, except on maybe the tank. Prioritize him here.

Wave 8: Rebuke a far away flamecaller and HoJ another. Cast DA. Use Reubke on CD. Hope RNG is on your side and just heal.

Wave 9: YOUR PRIORITY IS THE HIVE-STINGER. The NPCs will not focus down the Hive-Stinger first, you need to Rebuke as soon as it spawns and then HoJ afterward. If you can time Blinding Light right, use it for a 3rd interrupt. Rebuke will then be back up, and the NPCs should switch to it. Healing wise, prioritize bleeds. Dispel when you can.

Wave 10: While damage shouldn't be that high, don't be afraid to blow all of your mana as you're getting ready to be able to drink. Interrupt flamecaller, HoJ Aqualyte, Win.

Strat for every set is essentially the same, granted you might have to adapt your CD usage due to RNG as you go along, but the basic priorities are the same.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hainiryuun advice is solid although you don't need to be nearly that organized. I was able to do it with the gear I have on with the only difference being that I swapped the bag of hydra spawn for an alchemists stone (there are better options it's just all I had). The only talent change I made was FoJ. I didn't have a plan for each wave, or planned cooldowns, the most important things are to stun and interupt as often as possible.
Some small tips are to BoP the bleed off if 1)You're falling/fell behind or 2)There's two on the same person. When you get two bomb debuffs look at who they're on,you will only be able to dispel one, if possible you want the one that explodes to be on you or the hunter.

EDIT: If possible use a different helm, that meta wont proc.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
last week when I have nothing to do was try to regem mastery and shocked that I can get to wave 27. Then I regem to spirit but I dont have output at wave 24ish. In the end I realize that no matter what I've done in my gear, RNG factors will always favor, and currently it is very bad for holy paladin to counter that spiking DoT because that means either you need to have big heals from DL (which is very rarely happen on 463 gear) or you have to use one CD for that.

In the end I was out of CD when the big guy %%#%#@@* the tank, I've tried HoP taunt then run and freedom the tank but it is not very effective against aquatic or rabbit combo. The other problem is we cant control interupt order and sometimes that mage wont interupt after kick which is another trivial thing that you cant predict.

You want to know the answer?use druid. one shot everything, without any regem, reforge no need to get stupid trinket etc, enjoy free heal from shroom thanks for 5.4 changes. oh btw I never have a chance to drink and never need it..

seriously I know this is not competitive but with title prize in the end and some classes have easier time than the others..good job for ruin this feature blizzard..
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1 Human Paladin
Exactly what Tiraamisu said. I main a Rduid, he's only 496 but it's scaled down anyways.
It took me a while but I constantly get to 25-26ish now. Although I'm forged for spirit/soft haste cap. My problem is I lack throughput, I need stronger heals. I might go stack mastery and try..

I have each healing class at 90 and I can say although most classes if not all can get to 30, druids do have it easy with free healing via treants hots and efflorance.

This said: Glory hit it spot on. Your absolute best bet at getting to 30 is to know each wave by heart, time your cds to the exact second. Than practice and perfect it. I could only get to 11-12 when I first started, I watched people on yt/twitch and took notes. I wrote my own guide for myself, wave by wave, mob by mob and timed every single cd I have to use in rotation off cd.

Now I get to 25-26 every single time, but I lack throughput/power for the hard hitters at 27-28 and I've been busy lately so lack of attempts. I'll get it eventually, and so will all of you (if you want it bad enough.). That's just my advice, +1ing what's already been said. Good Luck.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I kept my normal reforging and didnt change a thing. Make sure you blanket eternal flame on everyone even if it is a 1 point EF because it transfers to your beacon target. Abuse CS as it generates 1 HP and debuffs the target most use this for the Big Mogu adds. What I did most of the time when there were two debuffs out and I was a target I would just soak the damage and dispel the dps/tank because Divine Protection makes it tickle. BoPs for when the bleed gets out of control or theres a double bleed on the party member.

Have fun and remember it will get frustrating and you will yell at your computer/tank because he just drops midcast.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Put all spirit gems in your sockets, thats what I did, I basically invested a lot of gold into regemming and wasn't gonna gem back till I got the title. 320 spirit gems are a must and you have a lot of sockets to work with!

And stun an add here and there, always save hand of sacrifice for the Tank (esp during Conquerers) and interrupt that AoE mantid. Thats pretty much what I did, and save cds until you HAVE to use them. I saved a LoH and its what saved a near one shot and got me the title.
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90 Tauren Paladin
I cant wait to get back from being deployed overseas for 8 months. I love a challenge!
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