I'm trying to configure Vuhdo for Malkorok...

92 Dwarf Shaman
Is anyone experienced enough with Vuhdo that they know how to set up some method that will let me see the strength level of peoples' ancient barriers as little icons on their health bars or something? As a healer, I'm having a rough time with this fight because I'm having to check everyone's barrier debuff individually and spot healing whoever has yellow or red - it's insanely inefficient. I'm just hoping there's a way to monitor it with Vuhdo so I don't have to download Healbot or Grid, as I'm incredibly unwilling to learn and configure an entirely new healing addon just for one fight.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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100 Tauren Monk
There is a way. I'm not in game at the moment, but under debuffs you can add custom spells. If you add ancient barrier, weak ancient barrier and strong ancient barrier, it will add the debuffs to track. I show the icon, another healer in our raid has the players bar turn the shield color. Good luck!
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Mine is working fine. I get a little icon that is green when full, yellow near the middle and red when low and gone when there is nothing.

Is vuhdo updated all the way? Under the debuff tab do you have icon checked? Are the removeable only and non-harmful unchecked?
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92 Dwarf Shaman
I can't test anything until I'm actually in the middle of the fight, but I've fiddled with the options you guys suggested. I'll find out if it works next time I fight Malkorok I suppose.

Thanks for the help!
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90 Human Priest
I couldn't be online for our Malkorok kill today, but I did heal our attempts this past Thursday, and I'm a VuhDo user.

Go to the Debuff tab

Choose the "Custom" option

Add "Weak Ancient Barrier" and then I believe hit the Save button at the bottom of the page (if there's an "apply all" option, do that before Save). Go back and add "Strong Ancient Barrier" and then Save again (and "apply all" too).

"Ancient Barrier" - which I believe is the orange shield - was already present on the debuff list for me, but if you don't see it, add it too.

Your raid frames should now show an appropriately-coloured icon on everyone's raidframe.
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100 Troll Shaman
Thank you Iiritha! Works like a charm!
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90 Night Elf Druid
This works great for me, thanks a lot.
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I would also suggest to turn icon animation off if you have it on (for those particular debuffs, at least) or it can be really hard to tell which level of shield someone has on (or whether it's going up or down in strength).
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100 Night Elf Druid
Anyone know why I can't do the same thing listed above but for the Weakened Resolve Debuff for Sha of Pride Heroic? I want to track who has (and doesn't have, more importantly) the debuff across the raid.

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