My healing has gone to pot!

Sorry in advance for this post, if it gets deleted/ignored I understand because it is pretty pathetic. =)

All of a sudden my healing has gone way downhill it seems and my confidence is shot. Up until around mid 85 or so I was doing fine. I had the occasional player die and the know it all tank blame me for stuff every now and then but nothing too crazy. I was healing and my mana was always fine.

But all of a sudden it is a huge challenge. I understand the game gets harder and dungeon difficulty increases and all, but I have started to struggle quick. Some of the harder Cata heroics and the first two Pandaria dungeons are brutal for me.

Does a quick glance at my character reveal anything to any of the knowledgeable healers out there? Am I just bellyaching? Should I shut it and figure it out myself?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks! =)
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90 Tauren Druid
It's just a stat/gear issue. The same thing happens to DPS when they hit 85. Continue to gear up and it will get better.
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90 Troll Druid
People tend to be undergeared for the 85-90 non-heroic dungeons, in large part because heirlooms stop scaling.

People are also likely to be bad at their spec/role, and unwilling to worry about the mechanics of the boss/trash. This makes the dungeon a fair bit more difficult than it could be. Don't worry about it too much until you're moderately geared at 90.
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90 Troll Druid
They increased the difficulty of the game during Cataclysm (85) but decreased it back in MoP (90) so all you have to do is get to that point.
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100 Tauren Priest
What happens is that when you hit the artificial level cap of the previous expansion you are the cream of the crop in terms of stats and weights. At 80 you probably felt more powerful than you did anywhere between 81-84 and at 85 you felt more powerful than you will feel at 86-89. Each time you level you lose more hit/crit/haste/ect. But you gain more stam and mana, except you lose those both faster to and quest greens aren't as powerful to compensate that feeling of what 85 was like.

It gets better at 90.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
They increased the difficulty of the game during Cataclysm (85) but decreased it back in MoP (90) so all you have to do is get to that point.

I don't have anything constructive that hasn't already been said. I just wanna say that's an awesome guild name you have Lacklister
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100 Night Elf Druid
i love that phrase "gone to pot" such a classic. xD

it'll get better, OP! just keep at it. <3
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Like everyone else has said, 85-90 is harder then the rest of the journey. It's good in a way, spell selection actually begins to matter, and it will teach you how to manage your mana. Just don't get discouraged, it will get better once you start getting gear :)
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100 Tauren Druid
I hadn't done the alt thing in quite a while, but my first alt project, a resto shammy, just got into MoP yesterday, and has done a few since. Through Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cata, everything seemed very easy from my memories of playing through that content. (I was worried about Cata from memory.)

Then I started doing MoP LFDs. Oh glory.

I chalk it up to three things:

1. Gear reset. I remember first time through MoP on raid geared toons, I'd often keep gear until 87ish. On that little alt fresh from questing through Cata, EVERYTHING was an upgrade.
2. Used to overgearing heroics. After doing an LFD on my shammy, I did a heroic on this toon. A heroic SPM took maybe 10 minutes, and I was eating soup while healing it. Easy when you and everyone else outgear by 80+ ilevel. Mechanics are pointless, as bosses die before any RP text is over. A naked mage could tank a trash mob. Change that to five level 85s in Stormstout, and you've got troubles, unless players adjust.
3. Upgraded heirlooms. Upgrade everything ot 85, and why would you replace it? Oh, because that gear will be junk after 85.
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100 Night Elf Priest
Your gear may be part of the problem, but it doesn't look terrible for early MoP dungeons. However, your armory is sending up some red flags. Your PW:Shield glyph makes me wonder how much you use that spell as Holy. It would also be nice to get an idea of your spell breakdown, etc, so we can see if you're doing anything that can be changed.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I agree with most of what's been said here.

There are a few really low pieces you're still using that can be replaced from AH or a buddy with tailoring and/or JC.

I'd also agree with checking glyphs and spell usage. As holy, PW: Shield should be an almost never touched spell - for holy it's very inefficient. That lightwell glyph might work for structured raiders that will use it - but you're better off, for random groups, leaving the lightspring effect, even with less healing. People are lazy. For every one person who will click, you'll have 20 (I kid you not) who will come up with every excuse in the book for not clicking, ignoring it, or otherwise frustrating you.

It's powerful - but if it's not used by your groups, it's wasted effort on your part.

They may have changed somewhat (I just changed my holy offspec to shadow) but I'd think you might get better use out of glyphs for Prayer of Mending and Prayer of Healing or Circle of Healing. PrOM should always be on the tank pre-pull - and replace it on the tank on CD. PrOM should always be on cooldown - it's efficient, it's a smart heal, and once you've put it out there, it's working while you're actively throwing other heals, all by itself.

Mindbender should be out on CD if you're having mana issues. Don't wait until you're at 50% mana, with a short CD, get him out there as often as possible - that mana he's giving you is time periods your mana isn't draining, even if it's full - so you're still gaining mana by not LOSING mana.
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Thanks for all of the replies!

I do use PW:SHIELD and it really is not doing anything for me anymore. Removing it as holy I guess would be a wise choice.
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90 Undead Priest
I'd also suggest reading up some very basic info on healing priests. Things like correct chakra state for 5mans and spell selection might not be super intuitive at first.
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90 Dwarf Monk
You mentioned Cata dungeons. There is a very noticeable jump in difficulty going from Wrath dungeons to Cata dungeons. It's just the way those dungeons are designed. I recently went through the Cata content on my resto druid and often a group member wouldn't deal with a mechanic the right way and they'd either be literally 1 shot, or shot down to very low hitpoints. It's just how it goes.

Personally when I heal I do what I can to keep people alive, but if the damage that the group is taking just isn't manageable it's generally something the group is doing wrong, and so I don't worry about it.

Also there is always the point about stats while leveling. Your stats are fluctuating so much while leveling and gearing, so often you might try a new dungeon and find it difficult.
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99 Troll Shaman
Will confirm that it's just what everybody else says in that there is a difficulty jump due to your statistics in that limbo you are in right now. Grind it out to level 90 and things will improve. Keep mana conservation in mind when gemming (I grabbed tons of spirit).
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If you've done the dungeons before, you can really lean on your knowledge of the encounters to off-set the difficulty.
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