Resto Druid 13k Haste Breakpoint Thoughts?

100 Tauren Druid
I recently gemmed/reforged for the 13k haste breakpoint for 25m raiding and I don't think I like it. Even with 15k unbuffed spirit. I still go oom way too fast and am not getting the throughput I want. It might be that I'm blanketing too much.

I wonder what the community's thoughts were on this and if perhaps I should go back to the 3043/18-19k spirit/32% mastery build I was using previously. Mana was never an issue then but I still was low on the throughput side. I want to be more useful in the "oh !@#$" moments of the encounters.

Our healers are a Resto Shaman, 2 priests(they flip flop alot between disc/holy based on the fight), Mistweaver and Holy Pally.
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90 Troll Druid
If you go oom "quickly", it's more to do with your mana consumption, not your regen. Your spirit, and even your haste have little to do with that as a resto druid, unless you're spamming regrowth.

That's not to say spirit is worthless, or the difference between 15k and 18-19k is negligible - it can help you recover, especially with new innervate - but that's more a consideration on longer fights where you just run out of gas toward the end.

In general, I like the 13k breakpoint, and I think that if you can survive with the lower spirit it frequently necessitates, it can provide better results than the 3k breakpoint. I think it's also important to play around with things yourself and do what works for you (and also to not force your gear into something it's not)
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100 Tauren Druid
I have not had mana issues since I changed with under 10k spirit. I did change well before people said I should. I do however keep track of mana cooldowns and make sure I use them on cd. I still rarely get low on mana.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Sounds like you're doing what I do in 25m - heal too much.

I can't raid 25's over 10's cause I run myself OOM, feeling the need to heal "everybody".

Try to heal smarter. People who actually *need* heals. Try to never use regrowth unless it's life or death and usually only on a tank.

Keep lifebloom uptime 100% on a tank for a free heal, incase you do need to regrowth.

And I know genesis is tempting - but only use if people are taking massive damage. Then I will rejuv 5-10 people & genesis. Otherwise, let your HoTs just tick.
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100 Night Elf Druid
I lust after that BP, but would have to sacrifice too much to attain it right now.

I know mana is different in 25s but are you really having that much trouble with 15K spirit AND the meta AND mana tide?

Have you considered running a regen trinket instead of double throughput? Heal proc trinkets are meh imo, but I guess that's a personal preference kind of thing.

I think ultimately the high haste vs high mastery question is going to come down to personal preference as well. if you perform better with high mastery, low haste, than that is what you should be running regardless of number crunching.
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