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90 Blood Elf Priest
Here are our logs:

We run a 3 heal setup me (usually disc, go holy for Immer and will go holy on Malk)+resto druid+holy paladin.

We can putter through most fights, but if we're to down Garrosh, we will need to do better healing wise. What can we do better? Please help.
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90 Troll Druid
I'm only going to speak from a resto druid PoV and review your druid. I'm not comfortable enough in my abilities to analyze the priest/pally, so I'll stick with what I know.

  • Lifebloom/Harmony uptimes: Your druid has very poor uptimes on both of these key abilities.

    Lifebloom is vital for proccing Omen of Clarity. Omen of Clarity is our Clearcasting proc. This allows us one free hard-cast spell every time it procs, so near-100% uptime on Lifebloom is absolutely vital.

    Harmony is our mastery which is a flat healing bonus to all of our spells. Again, near-100% uptime on Harmony is necessary.

    Not watching these two things can hurt your druids performance pretty significantly.

  • Gear: One thing that I would suggest is that your druid drop down to the 3043 haste breakpoint and dumb his excess stats into mastery.

    There's always a lot of debate about which haste breakpoint druids should aim for. In my own personal opinion -- which is by no means absolute nor the opinion of everyone -- the only two breakpoints worth hitting are 3043 and 13163. The 6652 breakpoint has almost no impact on personal performance. The only reason I would ever suggest that someone go for the 6652 hbp is if they absolutely can't reforge down into a comfortable margin of the 3043 hbp or they can't comfortably hit the 13163 hbp.

  • Spell Usage: Your druid doesn't seem to be using Rejuv nearly as much as he should be. I don't know if he/she's trying to conserve mana or what, but they're casting a lot of Wild Growth and not a lot of Rejuv. They also seem to be casting Regrowth a lot. Not sure if they're having mana issues, but that could possibly be problematic long-term. He/she should also be casting Swiftmend as much as possible. It's a very nice tank heal with a relatively low mana cost.

    tl;dr - Rejuv more, Swiftmend more, Regrowth less.

  • If your druid doesn't have anything to track Lifebloom/Harmony, I'd suggest WeakAuras or TellMeWhen. I, personally, use WeakAuras. There are several different places that he can look to pick up different strings to track them.
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    100 Human Paladin
    I do think its weird your hpally isn't speccing/reforging into mastery since its one of our strongest heals still. And I'm not a fan of Sacred Shield yet but I haven't tested it either, I guess the HoTs from EF can still help to proc other abilities like the cape and meta etc. But yea your hpallys Illuminated Healing is surprisingly low but I know paladins have a choice of haste or mastery, I just think mastery is strongest esp when 3 healing.

    I had this debate with myself with mastery vs int vs spirit vs haste, and with research and referencing a few high progressed paladins its obvious we all can play with different stats. I have decided for now as long as I have a certain amount of spirit (15k may even be enough atm with the Divine Plea improvement) you can afford to get more intellect. Int and Mastery work hand in hand too, so you can either have stronger heals and bigger absorbs or same heals with bigger absorbs, I think intellect may be the way to go now.

    So your paladins spirit is fine how it is I reckon, with more gear aim for more intellect and mastery where possible and reforge to mastery, thats my opinion and healing style.
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    90 Blood Elf Priest
    TY both of you. I will ask my co-heals to take a look at these things.
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    90 Blood Elf Paladin
    We can putter through most fights, but if we're to down Garrosh, we will need to do better healing wise. What can we do better? Please help.

    I don't have much expertise on priest/druid so I'll just tell it to you from a paladin perspective.

    Sacred Shield is the weakest talent choice out of EF/SH/SS. By nature of his chosen talent, his throughput is going to be lower. The fact that he is speccing into it with a Disc priest in the composition is also another ouch factor.

    If you guys are living, if bosses are going down and that is what he enjoys, and you guys don't mind sitting at the top of the heal meter- let him do it. But I would definitely recommend you encourage him to use another talent for some of the harder/heroic bosses.
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    100 Tauren Druid
    Everything Catakins said was pretty much spot on, but if your druid only follows one piece of advice it would be to use Swiftmend more. A lot more. As close to on CD as possible. That will help with the Harmony uptime as well as getting more out of Rejuve.
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    100 Tauren Druid
    10/02/2013 12:40 AMPosted by Catakins
    I would suggest is that your druid drop down to the 3043 haste

    I agree. Just because you can hit a breakpoint, that doesn't mean you should. Seems like your druid saw the breakpoint and went for it. But at a huge loss to mastery, which is a huge loss to total healing.

    Have they been moving through their Wrathion quest? The healing meta procs quite often, and if you're aware, you can hit 3-4 free rejuvenation casts during that time.

    Regarding your druid possibly holding off on casts due to fears over mana, I see they have the Shado-Pan trinket ... but it's not being used. Ditto on Innervate. Back to that Fallen Prot kill, over a nearly 7 minute fight, there was one Innervate. The first one should've happened early in the fight, leaving time for at least one more. More Innervate = more mana = more aggressive spellcasting.

    . He/she should also be casting Swiftmend as much as possible

    That was the big red flag for me. On your Fallen Protectors kill, there were two Swiftmends. On my most recent Fallen (25m, so it's not a perfect comparison), I had 28 SM casts. Its cheap, it's lots of healing, and if specced to SotF, which I prefer, it boosts the WG or RJ that you're following.
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    100 Night Elf Druid
    basically catakins said everything i noticed, less than desirable harmony uptime, lifebloom, swiftmend usage, only using innervate once per fight (none on a 7 min kill - hey maybe he doesn't need it or is giving out innervates). He also doesn't bloom his shrooms much in some fights where they can be really effective i.e. sha of pride, protectors. NV usage seems okay on some fights and then others isn't used as much. Other than the big things (harmony/lifebloom/innervate) nothing really huge but just some attention to details.

    I think for the druid if he did nothing else but work on his harmony uptime he would see a significant increase in his healing potential.

    I will say i feel for your druid, playing w/2 absorb classes. Though i dunno, do bubbles stacked on bubbles cancel eachother out?
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    You are using the right spells Holybeam, just use more of them. Penance on cooldown, mindbender on cooldown, prayer of healing is still your best friend. Weakauras helps me keep track of mindbender & a rapture timer will help you get in the swing of bubbling more. Concentrate on a good uptime on one aspect per raid and you will find it becomes second nature. ie mindbender on cooldown is a good one to start on. With no mana issues you can relax and cast what ever spells your heart desires.
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    90 Blood Elf Priest
    @Lortabb/Asvena, thanks for that. I have been using Ingela's Rapture tracker for ever, but it appears that when I re-installed WoW during 5.3, I forgot to install this addon. I have just done that, so that will help.

    And yeah, I will start tracking Mindbender cooldowns as well - I am pretty sure with that I could go with ~9k spirit instead of what I'm running at the moment, I rarely have mana issues even now. And as you said, with better mana cd/rapture usage, it should get better.

    Though I do use the same gear for disc and holy. I see myself going holy for Immerseus and Malkorok, so not enough to collect a second set, but I could possibly go OOM if I skimp on spirit - but I'll see what I can do.

    @Ceresc, thanks. I really don't know anything about paladin healing apart from what raid cooldowns they bring ;). I will have a chat with our paladin and see if he is happy to try out another talent.

    @all druids :)
    We are going to have a chat with our druid on some changes that he could bring to his playstyle.

    Again, thank you all for taking the time to look through the logs.
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