Tuxedo Mask's Moonlight Meatballs (Healer OT)

90 Human Priest
The Rules:

1) Be excellent to each other. No one likes a jerk. Don't be a jerk in this thread. No fighting, no put downs, no name calling - or else Reta will beat you with a stick. >:(

2a) The title of the next thread is to be decided by general acceptance before this one caps; try not to overlap with previous ones. Whomever caps the thread should make the new one.

2b) Keep the ToS in mind when deciding on a thread title. This will make it far less likely to be deleted. Also, the title of the thread should always involve food! This is the healer forum and we're weird.

3) Copy and paste these rules and the below list into the first post of the new thread. Add the title of the new thread to the bottom of the list.

Titles of previous OT threads:
Practical's Donuts
Retà's Gumbo Pot
Fleurzilla's Spanish Sammiches
Oldwolfe's Singularity Jello
Kaels' Mac'n'cheese
Pipikaula's Buttered Artichokes
Kerias' Kentucky Fried Chicken
Abeille's Chocolate Truffles
Alnair's Braised Pork Belly
Winnifred's Fried Green Tomatoes
Anarri's Soylent Bread
Röth's Flawless Lasagna
Evayle's Pop Tarts
Sensations' Sensational BBQ
Scootles' Spaghetti
Gumshoe's Samosas
Malrius' Marvelous Stromboli
Akaeya's Fruit Cocktail
Rain's Evil Crawfish Boil
Zzar's Fabulous Falafel
Morenn's Ginger Beef Curry
Anohako's Red Beans and Rice
Marathel's Brazilian Pastries
Veroicone's Macaroni Icecream
Glenn's Backyard Barbeque
Jumpies' Jumpy Jumping Beans
Harpoa's Haggis
Ffraid's Fabulous Souffle
Shammyren's Stupendous Stew
Stormtides' Satisfying Casserole
Buffyria's Bourbon Bonbons
Riot's Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Eiko's Lazy Pepperoni Rolls
Feyatia's Mussamun Curry
Nerfheals' Nefarious Nourishment
Icecreamsoup's Frozen Soup
Fluffy's Lemon Meringue Pie
Vhalan's Tuscan Bean Stew
Zamboozle's Seafood Chow Mein
Dayani's Delicious Desserts
Skootalloo's Steak Surprise
Veroicone's Cookie Birthday Cake
Aestyr's Lemon Cupcakes
Iritha's Casserole Surprise
General Flintte's Chicken
Fistlobster's Alfredo
Mist's Phenomenal Pork Dumplings
Naérdriel's Tantalizing Treats
Evry's Burnt Pizza
Ionne's Iconic Irish Iceceam
We Ate Too Much: Intermission
Tsilyi`s Tsilly Tsicillian Tsalad
Tardis's Tiny Tasty Tuna Treats
Weeblzwobbles' wacky waffles
Cyara's Crumbly Carrot Cake
Jolt's Janky Gelato
Leblue's Luscious Linguine
Suplift's Mist-Flavored Hotpocket
Aliarya's Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans
Karakaberry's Kandied Kiwis
Winni's Whimsy Potato Soup
Story's Super Spaghetti
Taymatt's Pad Thai
Zoevil's Zesty Zucchini Casserole
Alueim's Appetizing Tiramisu
Eein's Spicy Tomato Basil Soup
Illucia's Illustrious Icing
Celista's Sour Grapes
Tailias's Broiled Quailias
Milk's Hand-Made Milkshake
Hamera's Cheesecake
Flintte's Fantastic Fritters
Jujubiju's Jujubes
Dreamling's Dulce de Leche Cake
TonyDanza's Tangy Turnip Tacos
Frozenorange's Femtroll Fajitas
Tiriel's Southern Peach Cobbler
Error: Food Not Found
We Don't Eat Polar Bears, I Swear
Lilapop's Sandwich of Darkness
Ompong's Spicy Beef Rendang
Euphoric's Eggtastic Eggplant Parm
Awria's Sushi Extravaganza
Intermission 2: Send More Food
Thaimaishu's Reptar Bars
Healy Food Thread of Healy Food
Fussyelf's Fun Fruitcake
Miska's Crunchy Carrot Omelet
Serrinne's Scrumptious Cheesecake
Bowserjr's Sha-touched Ice Cream
Horrific Amalgamation of Junkfood
Food Fight Om Nom Nom
Tangible N' Tangy Finger Foods
Kipery's Killer Candied Carrots
The Gastropod Gastropub Lifegrip Special
Iapetus' Tintinnabulating Trollbait
Elethia's Exceptionelle Eggs Benedict
Lucy's Non-Alcoholic Coffee
Rainbodash's Rainbow Cake
Spam, Spam, Eggs and Spam
Naer's Nifty Nutella Nachos
Adelynne's Amaretto Apricots
Truelite's Tantalizing Tater Tots
Ellieasa's Excellent Eggplant Soup
Proving Grounds Popcorn
Runtime's Red Velvet Cake
Someone's Something
Winni's Wonderful Waffles
Bunnylove's Bunny Stew
Extraterrestrials' Egg McMuffins
Zoevil's Fashionable Fajitas
Rapsidy's Reese's Pieces
Tuxedo Mask's Moonlight Meatballs


IRC info: http://outofmana.me/healchatirc
90 Human Priest
Nobody made a new one!

And I just got Lil' Xuen and named him Tuxedo Mask. He deserves his own thread.
90 Troll Priest
I am okay with this.

I cannot wait to go home and get my cloak. Mmm crit. Mmm ilvl.
100 Blood Elf Monk

90 Pandaren Monk
I was just making one. You guys are slow today.
90 Blood Elf Priest
Illucia I love you. I LOVE SAILOR MOON
90 Night Elf Druid
90 Human Priest
lol I thought you guys would like it
90 Blood Elf Priest
I will wear my sailor moon t shirt tonight in honor of this thread and its brilliance
100 Gnome Monk
Nobody made a new one!

And I just got Lil' Xuen and named him Tuxedo Mask. He deserves his own thread.

In Wrath a belf priestess convinced me to make a macro for my warlock's demonic form that included.

/yell By the Power of the Moon!

It was more frightening in demonic.

I went to the Monk forum(1) today and saw this thread.


(1) Yeah, first mistake.
90 Troll Priest
I will wear my sailor moon t shirt tonight in honor of this thread and its brilliance

I will raid in mine.

lol I thought you guys would like it

Yes. <3 as usual.
90 Night Elf Druid
so theres like literally 200 dead bee's on my floor after i had bug bomb my gaming room

so much fun cleaning these :/
100 Blood Elf Mage
From the last thread, I think this may have been approximately my spec:


Although I seem to remember sometimes taking the ghost wolf points? I don't remember now.
90 Pandaren Monk
Why were there that many bees in your house, let alone one room?
90 Blood Elf Priest
naer your achievement points are one point off from being satanic. i'm disappointed
100 Blood Elf Mage
Also, something along the lines of this was likely my build the day I hit 80, because I leveled as Elemental, so all of my talent points should go in Elemental, amrite?

90 Human Priest
I remember trying to make a build in Wrath that let me be destruction while still making my felhunter my best pet.

It didn't work out very well.
90 Pandaren Monk
I went to the Monk forum(1) today and saw this thread.


(1) Yeah, first mistake.

This hurts my brain.
100 Blood Elf Paladin
So, Onyxia finally gave herself up to me.

One more thing off the list :)

90 Pandaren Shaman


I miss the old talent system.
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