Why are you nerfing warrior's self-heals?

85 Human Warrior

Ya, cause lock self healing is fine... lets not forget rogues

Recup is getting a nice HARD, well deserved nerf.

non-healer self healing has gotten a little crazy, someone with no heal button shouldn't have better/faster self heals than dps specs who still posess working heal buttons.

For my ele shaman main to heal up from damage taken if no heals are incoming I have to stop dpsing and cast a heal on myself, a moonkin would need to drop out of form and stop dps to cast a heal, a shadow priest would have to drop out of shadow form and stop dpsing to heal.

A rogue merely needs to burn 1 finisher on recup, a warrior pop enraged regen or their normal BT heal if fury, a DK just needs to throw a death strike or two, a warlock can just drain for a bit (which might not even be a dps loss depending on spec), MM hunters get a self heal from chimera shot which is a normal part of their rotation
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85 Dwarf Paladin
Unlike what you're implying, it's not being nerfed for PVE reasons. It's being nerfed for PVP reasons. Healing yourself for 10k when you get rooted/stunned and having a chance to heal yourself for 9,5k every time you take damage and having a 30k self heal was a bit much.

Mind you, I think only the Fury self-heal should have gotten the nerf.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
For the longest time, Rogues were told 'because sub has mobility, it can't have damage.'
for the longest time, combat and mut have had much higher damage, and pisspoor mobility.

Saying 'i should have good defense even though i also have good offense' just doesnt fly when other classes have been dealing with that balancing scheme.

Other classes need to be balanced like warriors(being good to excellent at all things) or warriors need to be balanced like other classes(being decent-good at some things, having glaring weaknesses at other things).
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