A new idea about healing!

90 Pandaren Priest
Give healers something called a "resource". Call it "mana" or something.

Whenever a healer casts spells - here's the big idea - IT COSTS MANA!

The resource ("mana" is just an example; it could be called anything) would then diminish as they cast their spells. If they don't have any resources left, they wouldn't be able to heal anymore.

I know it sounds like a strange idea to some, but if healers could only use their spells for a fixed amount of time, it would prevent them from running around in battlegrounds basically winning the entire BG for their team and never dying.


But, you're a hunter...

Why didn't you ice trap me?
Why are your pets not on me?
Why aren't you using Silencing Shot on me?
Why aren't you using the shot that stuns/disorients me?
Why isn't your Rogue friend kicking me?
Why is the Mage not using Counterspell and the ice stun thing?
Why isn't the Warlock fearing me? My Fear Ward is on a 2min CD, Dude!
Why isn't the Warrior Pummeling and Dragon Roaring and other such Warrior-ish things to me?
Why isn't the DK Strangulating me?
Why isn't...

I could go on.

Do you play in a vacuum? No? Then you need to use your resources. The only thing I can do is hope to hold out 1 vs. 1. If you start playing smart, I'm toast.

Play smart. Win.
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100 Human Paladin
So... you want healers to be able to cast 10 or so heals and then be useless? That doesn't sound fun at all to be a healer in a BG at all. I hope you understand though that this works both ways, your teams healers will be useless as well. If this were to happen any off-healing would have to be negated as well. I.E warriors second wind can only proc a few times while alive, ret paladins get an additional separate resource called "mana" that only allows them to heal maybe 3 or so times while they're alive. The little rogue heal (can't think of the name) can only be used so often like it has a 10 minute CD.

You see where I'm getting at? It wouldn't be fair to neuter healers so much but then any DPS class can just faceroll through heals and surpass healers, they would need to have their healing abilities scaled as well. Even spriests would need to be limited on how many heals they could cast, and deathknights, for example, their conversion talent would have a 10 minute CD and their life siphon would have maybe a 2-3 minute CD.

It would literally be nothing more than a who can zerg who quickest fight since almost no class would be able to heal more a little damage until they die; even with healers they would only be able to support their team for maybe a minute before it goes into who can kill who the fastest. It would literally come down to nothing more than who can do more damage/who has the highest collective health.

It's not such a good idea when you look at it that way is it?

Also: your team has plenty of CC's to kill healers. What gamemode are you QQ'ing about? WSG, just wait until the FC has high enough stacks to faceroll him with 3 dps. If you're team has more DPS you SHOULD be doing more damage, and therefore negate the healers. Obviously if a team has 4 or 5 more healers then that can be a problem, but they only have 5 dps, and I rarely have ever seen a team with more than 3 healers, or unless it's a larger gametype a team with 50% healers.
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100 Pandaren Priest
I have found when a class is giving you a hard time, roll that class. You will quickly see just how to make their life miserable in ways you would have never have thought possible.
You will not even have to roll to 90 to get a very good idea how to counter it. Trust me it works like a charm.
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90 Pandaren Monk
what's mana?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
or get smart and kill the healer.
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90 Gnome Priest
I feel like they should institute some sort of resource system for hunters, let's call it Energy, it could be called anything though. It would be awesome if instead of having free reign to cast anything and everything in their arsenal they had to pick and choose when to attack. That way when I run out this 'mana' stuff I would have a chance to survive.
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90 Night Elf Druid
To be honest going between playing a healer and a dps in BGs and you can really tell the difference. Healing a bg if you do an outstanding job you can pretty much force your team to win. Doing DPS in bgs makes me feel like I have a ton less influence over the outcome of the match. I actually just end up peeling for my healers most of the time, since keeping them alive means they keep me alive which means we win.

Its weird when your primary game experience is on the healing end of things it makes you see the whole game differently.

Its almost like... If you make staying alive your first priority, and killing the enemy your second priority, you'll always end up beating people who are trying to kill you more than they are trying to stay alive. Does that make sense?
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100 Troll Priest
You actually posted this thinking people would sympathize? Really? REALLY?L2DPS or roll a healer of your own./thread.

Edit: Late but fitting
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100 Tauren Druid
What i find interesting and edgy is your gear is !@#$ and you're complaining about for all intents and purposes Pug BG's. Get some gear son and get better.
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