Help me not suck at mistweaver please.

90 Troll Druid
Just started healing normal SoO on my mistweaver alt to help out my guild's 2nd raid group, and my performance was abysmal. Here is an armory link.

And here are the logs.

I think I am a bit under geared for normal SoO. On Immerseus renewing mist + uplift seemed like it was just barely enough to keep people alive and I was barely getting people topped up before swirl and before Immerseus reformed.

On fallen protectors I was obviously being carried by the paladin and shaman and I was going oom when the fight wasn't even half over, though low dps could be a part of that. What am I missing?
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90 Pandaren Monk
Well you're Renewing uptime is pretty good so you're off to a good start! A few things stand out, however. You aren't using your Thunder Focus Tea as much as you could be. In the 8 minute Protectors fight you only used it twice when there was potential for ~10. The other thing is your Expel Harm usage, it's abysmally low as well but should be kept on CD as much as possible since it's an extremely cheap Chi generator for us.
Finally, and I'm unsure on this one, but just assuming since nothing shows up in buffs gained/cast that you haven't been using your Shadow Pan trink for the Mana return? Everything else seems on point to me, but I'm sure someone with more know-how on logs can provide better detail.

As far as gear goes you've got the no spirit thing correct but since you don't have the Legendary Meta to back it up you'll probably want around 8-10k Spirit so you're not oom'ing until you get that. Dropping the Zen Med glyph for Targeted Expulsion or Enduring Healing Sphere may help as well since Zen Med really isn't a throughput glyph.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Have to pick up your renewing mists usage, on the longer attempts that I specifically looked at you were using ~80% of available REMs. Thunder Focus Tea isn't being used much and neither is chi brew. You want to use TFT roughly 10 seconds before big burst abilities. I just use it on cooldown for the fights your logs are on but you could save TFT for calamity on Fallen Protectors to have full coverage on the raid when it goes off.

Shado-Pan trinket isn't being used to its full potential, when I was using it I just macro'd it into mana tea with the first use happening within 20-30 seconds of the start of a fight. A 7 minute attempt should have 3 uses, a 10 minute one should have 4. You have one or two on each attempt of the night. After the patch chi brew gives tea leaves as well so keeping up with its use will provide a lot of mana. It lines up with TFT for additional burst healing.

Right now actually using TFT is going to be the largest improvement to your healing and using chi brew with it/macroing your shado-pan trinket will provide significantly more mana than what you are getting now.

Edit: Also, in regards to Fallen Protectors, dispelling Bane before it starts ticking is pretty critical in keeping damage taken down as it spreads to new targets. Your priest can also mass dispel several off if you guys fall behind. As long as an eye is kept on boss timers, you should be ready to dispel the moment it goes off. Dispel is always available if you don't fall behind and you have three seconds to take it off before it spreads.
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90 Orc Monk
Chi torpedo is going to be your best option for any stack fights - especially without a metagem. It does tons of healing and also will help you keep your mana up.
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90 Troll Druid
Thanks for the advice guys, this is exactly what I was looking for.
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