Is it time for me to move on from Paladins?

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Heya, so I've played this paladin since blood elf pallies first became available in BC, and I've healed since then. I kept doing so through Firelands, then quit, and I came back mid way into Dragon Soul and haven't quite been the same healer since then. I suppose it's worth noting that I haven't been on top of gearing since Firelands so I'm usually undergeared. I'm not sure if its my lack of gear or if I just can't cope with all the changes that have been done to paladin healing. As silly as it is, I'm somebody who wants to always be the top healer number wise, that's how I enjoy healing, the only thing really keeping me from moving on is that I've played this character for so long and I think Paladins are cool, their playstyle is just going down a road I don't really like.

Edit: I returned to WoW about 3 days ago so I'm really behind in gearing atm. I've been playing on and off this expansion.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Keep playing. Then decide. 3 days to relearn everything ins't a good amount of time to be judging a class, especially is you're undergeared. Best thing to do is hit Timeless Isle, kill all rares multiple times, and loot EVERY chest. You can fully gear your holy spec to ilvl496 in a day, which would make lfr alot easier. Once you get in there, it's easy to gear. Apart for me with Trink and my last ring :/ But that's RNG for you.

Don't pay attention to numbers, its gear dependant, and some classes heal better in different situations. Holy pals can still churn out some good numbers, ive never gone holy on mine, but i see them doing quite well.
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90 Gnome Priest
Gotta agree with Sparthaggis, 3 days is not enough time to even remotely broach a proper understanding of your class's capabilities. Gear up on the timeless isle and try to get involved in some ToT runs if you can.

I would also be inclined to check out the new healer Proving Grounds. It'll be tough. You probably aren't going to walk in and one shot everything up to endless but it will help you to get a better feel for everything that your class can do.

No matter what though, keep at it. If you love your paly and you love healing, it'll only be a matter of time before you top the meters again.
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