How am I supposed to Heal Endless?

90 Troll Monk
My heals don't seem to be worth anything. Env Mist isnt healing the tank effectively at all. Uplift isnt working. Fistweaving doesn't feel effective. I'm kinda at a loss. I can burn CDS and Mana but im running low by wave 4.
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90 Troll Druid
Re-roll paladin.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
Re-roll paladin.

I"ll just repost what I said in a similar post
"I got 36 waves on my resto druid in 476 boomkin pvp gear. It's super easy..."

Its easy as everything but "maybe" priest. Though there are priests with 30+ waves.
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90 Troll Druid
look for monk specific guides on proving grounds, monks can definitely do it, its just harder than it is for druids/shamans/paladins.
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90 Human Monk
Here's some general info I posted in a different thread a little while back.

I got to wave 23 or so, don't remember exactly. Haven't been back to try and get to 30 yet..

I took some old gear and socketed straight spirit into it.

I used Xuen, Diffuse Magic, Chi Brew, Ring of Peace, and Chi Wave.

Chi brew is incredible now. Abuse the hell out of it. 2 Chi AND 2 stacks of mana tea / 8% of your mana back on a 45 second CD. Always keep it recharging. You can save one stack to help if you're getting a bit behind on healing, but make sure it never sits at two stacks. You should be using this over ascension in normal raids too.

Ring of Peace is an instant silence / disarm & is great against the guys who do that annoying AoE (because your group doesn't know how to !@#$ing interrupt).

When you get one of the big mogu guys who casts enrage, drop your bubble on the tank. It'll eat all the damage while the guy is enraged and will save you from spamming surging mist on him.

Make sure to use Grapple Weapon (on mobs that have weapons).

Pay attention to who gets hit by the mobs that burrow - they get a ticking dot that only goes away when they reach 90%+ health. Healing orbs work well for this, just drop two of them under the target.

In endless, you'll sometimes get more than one debuff at once. Pay attention to who they're put on. The debuff sits for like 7 seconds, then explodes if it hasn't been dispelled. Dispell this immediately if it is on a melee NPC (the mage likes to stand in melee too sometimes, don't ask why). If you get two out at once, dispell the melee and leave it on the ranged or yourself. You can eliminate some unnecessary damage that way.
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100 Draenei Paladin
I didn't find it easy at all as a holy paladin :S
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90 Night Elf Druid
People like to say its easy to brag but it isn't so. I've always been a good healer. and my current high score was making it to round 29 in endless. Its not that easy. Your gear gets put down to 463 gear and you end up having to do 60k HPS or more as a druid. I've done lfr with people who obviously have more ilvl and dont do that much and also struggle to keep mana. As a side note. I've done holy pally here as well and can't even break through gold, though I am not good with pally class.
If you think doing 60k hps for 30 min with only 2 drinks is easy, then you need to do something else with your time instead of coming on to forums to brag.
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100 Night Elf Druid
people seem to forget that the better your cc the easier time you'll have until you get to the later waves with 2x champs and such.

hamlet gives some great advice, a lot better than "omg just pop treants" which actually doesn't get you anywhere. it's actually more about damage mitigation than it is popping treants.

i found that ironbark helped a ton as a druid, as did bash and typhoon, simply because it minimizes the damage that can come rather quickly if you don't utilize all your skills.

monks can most definately do it, perhaps you should look for a youtube guide, i almost guarantee they'll emphasize cc and damage mitigation.

as for your running out of mana issues - well it just so happens that the people with higher scores choose their heals wisely, and their cooldowns only when necessary. and that just takes practice at getting used to the waves, and which waves require what.

good luck buddy :)
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90 Human Death Knight
Gonna switch up some talents and glyphs and go at it again this weekend. Seems you gotta fistweave a little and use CC which shouldn't be to terrible. I'll post again and let everyone know how it went.

Phone won't let me switch chars
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90 Dwarf Monk
Just got the title, but didn't really push much farther in after that.

I didn't interrupt or cc much at all, except for ring of peace which I normally cast on the tank, except for wave 8 when I cast it on myself and ran into the group of casters. I found once I got used to the waves and had a good sense of what cooldowns to use and when it got so much easier. It literally went from me barely being able to get to wave 5, to then getting to 15, 25, and then 32.

It's also good to try and go into certain waves in a good position. For example, I found if I came out of wave 8 with group members low, bleeds would start going around and I'd lose control.

I also found that I really had to watch my mana more in the later waves, but I guess this is obvious. For the first 10 waves I'd basically just heal and then use my mana tea after the mobs were dead, but towards the end I really had to mix in my mana tea usage more and really keep an eye on it.

As for when to use cooldowns there is a guide thread on these forums already for MW monks, but what I took from that was basically this:

- Use Xuen in waves 2, 5, and 9. Xuen is basically a free pass through a wave.
- Use Life Cocoon in waves 5 and 7 at least. The cooldown is only 2 minutes so you can use it more, but you want it for 5 and 7 definitely. In these waves you have conquerers and their enrages can hurt. In wave 7 you have two, so it's worse.
- I didn't really use revival in any particular wave, but you can use it in wave 4 if you get the magic debuff on the tank and rogue for example, and I believe I used it in wave 8 a fair bit because there is a decent amount of group damage there.
- Ring of peace can be used in every wave. I generally cast it on the tank since he's in amongst the mobs anyway. It should silence any casters and disarm anything with a weapon, so it's a nice damage reduction.
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90 Pandaren Monk
@Ipwnwitfeet Awesome that you got the title!!! Just a quick question, since you're the first monk I've "met" that has it.... What did you do with your gear? did you gem all into one stat? or did you keep your socket bonus? Did you use previous patch gear or go in with your SoO gear? And which stat got more attention? was it int, or spirit? oh.. and what about your haste? was that important? Sorry for all the questions, I'm having a devil of a time getting past wave 9, and it's not even a huge problem with mana all the time. it's kinda half and half. either I'm keeping everyone up just fine, but OOM, or the group is taking a lot of damage, and I can't keep up, but my mana is fine.
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90 Dwarf Monk
I didn't really change my gear specifically for the proving grounds, but did change things around for general raiding. I tried to drop some spirit and go for more crit because of how crit works with our mana tea, and it seemed to work wonders.

As for haste I didn't reforge at all for the haste caps in the proving grounds, just went with whatever it was at. When I got the title my haste was at the first haste breakpoint normally, so in the proving ground I guess it was lower.

I believe I used a int flask and the crit food sold by the vendor in the proving grounds.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I can almost make it wave 20, after 4 attempts today on Endless. My problem is that I have zero time between waves most of the time to regenerate mana. The mobs don't die in time, and I get stuck with no regen time + extra mobs beating on the tank most waves. I thought the mobs were supposed to die before the next wave, and allow for time to drink between pulls. Is this not the case?
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90 Undead Monk
I thought the mobs were supposed to die before the next wave, and allow for time to drink between pulls. Is this not the case?

The only time I've noticed myself being able to drink is every 10 waves.
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90 Dwarf Monk
Yeah that's the way it's designed, and most times I noticed one of the mobs in wave 10 would live a little longer cutting into my drinking time!
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92 Troll Druid
There's a really good Resto Druid that streams their endless attempts, can't find the name of course, that will at least give you an idea of the format for each wave then you can make more informed decisions on CC etc...
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Roll a druid pop treants and win

Sadly, so true.
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