Mistweaver and Holy Paladin advice

90 Pandaren Shaman
So, I have a friend who is making a new character also and wanted me to play with him to help on quests and instances.

I originally planned on using my Holy Priest since she's only Level 37 and helping him on my Shadow spec though some of lower instances to power level him and get some good gear then just play with him normally once hes at or close to her level.

However I though it would be better and more fun to also start a character from the ground up and play along with him through the quest and randoms.

I was thinking of going as a mist weaver or holy paladin since I do enjoy being healer and even though I have played a monk and paladin before I have never done so as a dedicated healer.

So I was wondering how much of a difference am I going to experience compared to a Resto Shaman, Druid and Holy Priest? All of which I play and enjoy and what advice can you all give on dual classing with them? I have dual classed with my other healers but I always choose a DPS class like Elemental Shaman or Balance Druid where the gear change is miniscule and I know specs like Wind walker monk or Retribution Paladin is gong require gear with completely different stats.
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100 Human Paladin
With both classes you can dps in your healing spec up to a point. At lower levels it's not actually that bad. But the higher up you get, the slower your dps gets until it gets annoying. My personal pain point is about level 40. Other people's might be different. Keeping 2 gear sets current is do-able but does require a little bit more effort.

I haven't really done much with my monk (it's about level 45) so can't really comment on that. Paladins are reactive healers in some ways similar to Holy Priests. The difference is mainly in all of the utility spells and cooldowns. Getting used to using those and spotting the right time to use them is the challenge of paladin healing. Everything else is pretty straightforward.

(e) If you have access to heirlooms that can negate the 2 gear sets problem somewhat because then you've always got some slots filled with the right gear.
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With both classes you can dps in your healing spec up to a point. At lower levels it's not actually that bad. But the higher up you get, the slower your dps gets until it gets annoying. My personal pain point is about level 40. Other people's might be different. Keeping 2 gear sets current is do-able but does require a little bit more effort.


My holy paladin is lvl 87, and while I don't die when questing, nothing else does either, well, the mobs die eventually, but it does seem to take forever, but since I suck at melee, I will keep questing as holy lol. I suppose it depends on your patience

other than that, I have had a blast leveling my holy paladin, a lot more fun than I expected to be honest, I don't really know anything about mistweavers, however, I finally figured out why holy paladins seem to never die in pvp lol.
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90 Draenei Priest
If you are going to be leveling in your healing spec I would recommend going mistweaver instead of paladin. At some point trying to kill things as holy just becomes painful and your aoe is pretty much non-existent. Also, a lot of your healing as a mistweaver while questing will be passive so you can dps/heal at the same time which is very handy.
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90 Night Elf Monk
Thanks for the replies all. I decided to go with mist weaver monk and to keep things simple and not worry too much on gear will not dual spec this toon. Also went with Night elf instead of human which my friend choose for his monk because of the quickness racial trait which reduces the chance that melee and ranged attackers will hit by 2%.

We decided to meet up in Storm wind after getting up to our choose specs. Also giving us a chance to play around a bit and test the waters with the class or in my case the spec for a bit. So far I do like it. Soothing mist came in handy when I found my self overwhelmed by 3 harpies and was taking a lot of damage.

Also, at least for now to get most out my combative side I'm actually switching between stances as need, unlike my Brewmaster monk where I'm using the OX stance exclusively and tiger only when I go to my wind walker spec. However it just might be because I'm at a lover level and according to the description for the serpent stance my attack power is equal to 200% if my spell power so that might change when I get her to a higher level.
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90 Pandaren Monk
yeah you dont switch out of specs for mistweaver. you always stay in serpent stance.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Switching stances means you're giving up your Expertise and hit rating and Attack power that scale off of spirit/Int.

Bad idea

Plus MWs do tooo much dmg at low levels, I'm currently leveling my second one and in full BoAs I can nearly solo most dungeons
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90 Night Elf Monk
Thank you for tips on that. I had in fact stopped switching my stances and gone exclusively with my serpent stance once I started getting gear with spirit and intell. Reading up on stance I figured it might happen sooner or later but tiger stance did help until I started to get drops or rewards from quest for gear with the appropriate stat boost.

Also, I agree MW at low levels does a lot of damage output. There were a couple of times in fact where I could afford to join in on the fight and not worry about keeping the tank healed I actually was put out more damage then the DPS or even the tank themselves.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Holy Pal runs into a gear barrier when you have a second spec.

Int/Sta vs Str/Sta. This means your offspec will almost always be a "tier" behind since you have to fill up all 16 slots on one before you can really start on the other.

What I'm currently doing now is Running HPal loot spec in Flex, and Prot in LFR. Once a boss no longer drops Hpal gear in Flex (Excluding tokens), I change that boss and only that boss to Prot for gear chances.

On the few normals I run, I run it as Hpal as well.

Basically, my tank set won't be as good as my healing set until the absolute end of the patch. It also puts me in teh position of being 20~ ilvls behind the other tank when I get drafted into a tanking role.
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