how high should my hps be?

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looks like 5 or 6 healing w/a disc and a pally and some combination of shamans and druids (and a blood dk tank), depending on the attempt. the druid really needs to get his harmony uptime from 40% to the 90's range.
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There is no "right" amount of HPS, as others have said. We cannot predict what you should be at. It's really hard to evaluate without WoL, too.

That being said, if you're grossly far behind in gear, overhealing the content, and have 1 or more absorb healers present, your HPS is going to suffer. HPS isn't the be all and end all of things, though.

Start logging your own combat if your guild does not, for self evaluation.
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There's logs listed on WoW Heroes ( which it looks like overhealing is happening. Judging by the logs, disc priest is getting most of it before anyone else has a chance :p

If you're a lower ilvl than others and there are some healers getting "left in the dust" it sounds like you're overhealing the content as stated, many times before :p
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90 Troll Monk
The disc priest is very good. And yea they were talking about 5 healing at some point. Thank you for the advice and information.
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10/15/2013 12:43 PMPosted by Veroicone
There's logs listed on WoW Heroes (

Off topic but I followed this link and saw something on that evil, evil website.


Spirit (until you are comfortable with your mana regeneration) > Haste (1st cap 8.33%) > Intellect > Mastery > Crit > Haste

1st haste cap is at 8.3228% (3537.19 Haste Rating) = an additional tick of Renewing Mist and additional tick of Enveloping Mist.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I had to read this multiple times to make sure I read it right.

For those playing a home here is a better priority

Spirit to 5100 (or whatever 7.5% hit/exp is) > Haste to Cap* > Crit > Haste > Mastery > Spirit

* Cap being 3145, 6141, or 9158 for extra ReM ticks as is comfortable to hit. If you have enough gear to hit the next ReM tick you don't need my advice.

Yellow + Prismatic: Crit
Red: Int / Crit
Blue: Crit / Whatever

Edit: And I know you weren't advocating that Vero I just saw it and ...
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90 Night Elf Druid
I know :P

I only use WoW Heroes to look up logs, nothing else!
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100 Night Elf Druid
wow and here I was always doing it the hard way

look up wol, find realm, find guild, browse through different logs to see if I can find the person asking the question, then go over it.

my mind is blown.
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As long as people aren't dying and you can keep people alive and using your cooldowns properly, HPS isn't really important.
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90 Troll Druid
Over 9000...
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Probably answered, but I'm lazy and also something else I can't think of because I'm too lazy to do so.

Lang, your HPS is not your concern. Your concern is: is my raid up? If the answer to that question is yes, your next question is: how is my mana and are there upcoming damage periods? These are both far more important questions than your HPS. If you're low on mana, then you don't have enough spirit and can't manage MT well, or your spell selection was bad, or you were just unlucky with LMG/Trinket procs. If it's the latter, focus on timing TFT, Chi Brew (if you have it), and whatever else you have at your disposal to keep your raid up during, say, Thok's rapid fire Deafening Screech.

That said, your HPS should be sky-high during pulsing damage phases. We're godlike on Norushen, siege mode Juggernaut, and the last phase of Galakras, and those are the only ones I've experienced I've experienced as a healer.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
I normally end fights with full mana and 60%+ overhealing. I am working on getting my thunder focused uplifts at better times. All in all I feel like I gotta change my mindset when healing on this class vs other classes.

We can probably drop to 3 or 4 healing 5 man content since there isn't that much healing needed.
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91 Gnome Priest
Ask yourself the following 3 questions

1) Are people dead? (and not because they are morons who like pools of fail)
2) Are the other healers struggling to keep up the raid because your not able to pull your weight?
3) See #1

If you answered no then I wouldnt worry too much. If your pulling your weight, doing your job, and they are too, then your HPS does not matter, it only begins to matter when other healers have to carry you, but that's easy to find out, just ask the other healers in your group.

HPS will fluctuate constantly depending on your healing role in the group and where the damage is going. You may not always be top, but if your raid isn't wiping and people aren't having to pickup after what you should be covering, then all is well.
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