Hello healers.

87 Undead Warlock
Hi everyone, I have done the endgame experience with ranged dps, melee dps and tanks throughout my wow career but never have I tried a healer. So I must ask, historically what healing class has succeeded most in a 10 man normals setting? I don't care for what class is hot now, but I'm more concerned with what healing class usually preforms on the smaller scale in game.. if there even is one.

Thanks for your considerations.
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90 Night Elf Druid
well any healer class can be good in 10man to be honest

just pick what you wanna play or love playing best thing i can say
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90 Pandaren Monk
It always, ALWAYS comes down to personal skill, not class. Every class and spec has its advantages and disadvantages, and it's always up to the player in how you deal with both. Really, just pick a spec that sounds fun and roll with it.
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Why not try them all? I am trying disc, holly, shaman, pally, monk and druid all in same time little by little. For now my favorite is shaman, disc and monk. All of them are easy up to lvl 40-50...over that I don't know I didn't get there yet lol.
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90 Troll Monk
Make sure you get an addon like Vuhdo or Grid it helps alot with healing and I would not personally heal without them.

Edit: What I meant to type was. I personally won't heal without the addons. Not that I think you should not heal without them. Lol Que popped and was typing fast.
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93 Blood Elf Priest
You might also want to ask the life-long, highly rated DPS'ers who they think overall is doing a better job.

I do believe you'll be good at the class you enjoy. I LOVE disc priest and resto druid: they just seem like a no brainer (still not crazy about holy, but getting there). However, resto shaman, monk and pally are a no go for me.

So...to each, their own...
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90 Pandaren Monk
I don't play it but historically holy pally has had the most functionality, chances to shine and encounter breaking cooldowns out of all of us for the past few expansions. Priests and druids have always been up and down, shaman have mostly stayed in a pretty good position for a lot of the time.
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10/13/2013 01:43 PMPosted by Amaranth
historically what healing class has succeeded most in a 10 man normals setting?

Historically doesn't mean much. The easiest knock down of that is that Monks have only been available for a year. Paladins weren't available to the Horde until 2007, same for Shaman and the Alliance.

For 10m, each class is viable, it's all about what you want to play, what appeals to you. The more you like a class, the more you'll want to learn more about it. The more you learn about it, the better you'll perform. (This is a huge reason why I main/raid on only one toon per expansion).
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You can play whatever you want, it all comes down to the fights as to which class does the most heeps. That said, play a shammy because we are the best ever.
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90 Night Elf Monk
If you have never played a healer before the sudden lack of offensive capabilities might come as a culture shock if you go with one of the healing spec first. With that in mind I would recommend Mist weaver monk as your first healer class to try. I've only played the spec a week but it seems to offer good blend of melee and healing abilities. Restoration druid does as you can change to your bear or cat form form so both make a good transition specs for you from tank/dps to healer.

Restoration Shaman is also another good option since on it's own it provides a good amount of offensive, defensive, and healing spells along with the variety of totems to aid and augment your spell casting. Discipline priest also a good class with a decent mixture of spells and if you ever feel need to have dual specs with specific roles to healing and DPS you can always reset your spec and go Shadow and holy priest but discipline class on it's own is more than capable for both combat and healing..

I have yet to play a paladin as a holy spec so I can't give you any opinion on that but I hope info I gave helps.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
I have always been bias towards holy priests.
You could take a trip over to icy-veins.com and read the rotations, cooldowns and abilities section for each class. There is no rotation for healing but they had to call the section something. That will give you a very good idea of the spells for each class and how they might play.
Healing is more like you have a bunch of tools to get the job done. The trick is learning how to use those tools for the best effect.
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You can play whatever you want, it all comes down to the fights as to which class does the most heeps. That said, play a shammy because we are the best ever.

Tauren speeks the truth. Resto Shaman are rocking right now. Plus we heal with spraying someone with a Super Soaker blast of water. How does it get cooler than that?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Amaranth, firstly, nice name. My first character (also a warlock) is named Amarantha :)
Anyway, it seems to me that resto shamans have been great since WotLK, but not so much so in Burning Crusade. Holy paladins have also done well since Wrath. Priests seem the most consistent to me though. If memory serves, at least one of their two healing specs has always been good, if not amazing, since Burning Crusade.

I can't speak for Vanilla though, as I did not play during that time.

But it comes down to what you have the most fun playing, and what you're good at. It's also important to put effort into what you play; you can't just give up immediately, because you may not be doing things correctly.
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Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.
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