Ganker's Kit of Ganking 2.0


85 Gnome Rogue
Skyguard's D#*#% (Reputation)
Follow Mages and Priests off cliffs

*!*@ is bad mmkay
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20 Draenei Mage
Don't forget the Eye of Arachnida from Strathome for a bit of spying.

Edit: Doh, forgot it had limited charges.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
enter bg, get fully buffed, leave bg, go to alliance city gank noobs! thats what i usually do and use the eng tinkers + stealth pots.
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85 Undead Rogue
I keep my Highborne Soul Mirror on a vanish macro. Bringing out a clone that looks in stealth at the same time you disappear seems valuable whether you're running away from your foes or setting them up.
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85 Tauren Priest

Skyguard's D%#$^

r a p é
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85 Human Rogue
Being an engineer is extremely helpful: mind control, incapacitate bombs, bank/repair/poison/vendor access anywhere, and probably more I don't remember at the moment.

As far as general items, free action potions are wonderful.

Forgot about free action, it's a good one. Added

too bad most of these items does not work for level 85

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90 Human Rogue
I really recommend you all get a Mirror of Broken Images

40% spell damage reduction for 10 seconds, and a good chance to resist things!
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85 Undead Priest
Very nice list! please add the romantic picnic basket to fun finishers. a reward from the "Love is in the Air" holiday :)
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100 Human Paladin
Chalice of the Mountain Kings

Would be another option if it wasn't mentioned already, who needs a banner when you can have 4 dwarves dance around a corpse?
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1 Undead Warrior
Random those tracking elixirs cancel on death? Just checking to see if they are actually useful in BGs.
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85 Draenei Paladin
This is just aggravating. Bad enough you rogues can literally gank us all in no time flat, but now there are 'tips' to improve???

...Gimme a sec to roll a rogue meself; this list is amazing, and worth utilizing. XD
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85 Undead Rogue
Not very rogue-ish but a personal favorite.

Tol Barad Searchlight
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86 Gnome Rogue
In reference to your Size Reduction part. You can be even smaller if you're an Engineer. When using Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station you may sometimes receive the debuff You may then proceed to use World Enlarger to become even smaller!
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85 Undead Warrior
I keep my Highborne Soul Mirror on a vanish macro. Bringing out a clone that looks in stealth at the same time you disappear seems valuable whether you're running away from your foes or setting them up.

Hey...Fun, but potentially dangerous. The mirror-image produced by this turns to face you constantly until it despawns, letting your target know which direction you're coming from.
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100 Goblin Rogue
great list. waaay back in wotlk as i was leveling up i stumbled across this old youtube video.

poor poor luckystrike. needless to say i took a few explosive sheep and teleported myself to the old dwarf/gnome starting area via the old gnomeregan BB teleporter. had a good hour or so's worth of chasing around lvl 5 gnomes and dwarves.
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83 Goblin Rogue
This thread needs a sticky.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Although it now costs a pretty penny, I'd add Soul-Trader Beacon to the list of fun items to use.

As a "fun finisher" it's great, it steals the soul of the person you killed.

Aside from that it can be targeted and attacked. It also responds to Fetch Ball. This allows you to toss the ball and send the ethereal out and then enter stealth, confusing any other players as to your exact position.

The fact that it can be targeted is also great, I can't count how many times it has been attacked by a player who had no idea what it is, it absorbs and dodges all attacks made on it. Hunters seem to attack it the most lol...

Another item that is now pricey but is surely my favorite disguise - Carved Ogre Idol + Elixir of Giant Growth = popping out of stealth as a giant ogre for a truly WTF moment.
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95 Tauren Druid
You can get the recipe for Free action potions from the alchemist vendor in Org horde side...last time I checked.
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