Ganker's Kit of Ganking 2.0


85 Undead Rogue
you should also add the pet eggbert(a reward from childrens week) it follows you around like a pet usually does but this pet tends to stray in a random direction so if you have this pet out while stealthed and he starts running in random directions it can fool other players into thinking your beside the pet which could make them waste a nova or any other cd. childrens week is coming up so if you dont already have it you should get it and try it out.
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100 Undead Rogue
You could also play the /AFK decoy part.

Go into some random area that lowbies might frequent and then just sit down and wait. Someone might be fool enough to attack the afk and unstealthed Rogue. Then they are yours for all manner of fun.

Even better to go into one of thier inns and lay on the bed and wait.
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2 Gnome Rogue
I did notice one thing you missed, and only one. The banner from the Burning Crusade scourge event. When you drop it, it also does concecration(probably not how you spell it). IT EVEN DOES DAMAGE in a very small amount lol.
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First of all, great thread! I have always debated doing this and have just been too lazy to start one myself. Good work indeed.

Me and my rogue comrades have been ganking in this game for quite some time and I can add many items to your list (and I have grabbed a few from yours, especially the new Cata stuff as I am just returning to the game.).

Our guild specializes in ganking lowbies for those satisfying one-shots and the fact that every item available works much more effectively.

So here are some items to add -- apologies if I included some duplicates:
(sorry, no time for links...)

Baradin Grunt's Talisman: summons helper
Barov's Peasant Caller - summons helpers; personally, I can't believe no one posted this's been a favorite Lowbie killer for years...
Brewfest Pony Keg - corpse party item
Cannonball Runner: summons cannon
Chained Essence of Eranikus (aka Fart Machine): summons cloud of green dot "smoke"
Darkspear Pride - Troll event costume
Depleted Totem: Corpse party item i.e. Weaker Wanna-be Totem of Spirits….
Dog Whistle: attack doggy
Elder's Moonstone or Elune Stone: to properly light the subject
Fire Eater’s Guide (inscription book): breath deadly lowbies
Frenzyheart Brew: Transforms the user into a Wolvar
Helm of Fire: launch a fireball....FROM YOUR HEAD!
Iron Boot Flask: Transforms the user into a dwarf
Orb of the Blackwhelp: whelp disguise
Orc boy (aka Argent Gruntling): pet boy....
Ramstein's Lightning Bolts: lightning strikes
Rituals of the New Moon: Transforms the user into a Wolf, you can attack and dance
Sandals of Summer: fire dance on corpses
Snowballs: embarrassment item
Spirit Candle: i forget
Stormbound Tome: more lightning
Totem of Spirits: (quest item) corpse party item; summon up to 4!!!
Vestment of Summer: more fire dancing
Winter Veil Disguise Kit: be a snowman on the corpse
Winterfin Horn of Distress: summons Murloc fighter (these stack, but are consumed; only useable in Lich King zone)

Funny Weapons (almost endless list; be sure to check “Same Model As” link for more options):
Cookie's Tenderizer
Excavator's Brand
Last Month's Mutton
Petrified Shinbone
Rockhide Strongfish (STV; during Contest only)
Spiked Wooden Plank
Steelscale Crushfish (Southshore): who wants to be killed by a fish
Stinging Viper
various mug maces
Other Off Hand Frills

Rare drops/tough to get:
Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire (no longer available)
Argent War Horn: (during Scourge Invasion only)
Bitter Balebrew Charm: summons attack maiden
Book of the Dead: summons skeletal helper (Lvl 60!!)
Bubbling Brightbrew Charm
Defender of the Timbermaw: summons deadly teddy bear
Direbrew's Remote: make fellow horde go bye bye
Orb of the Sin'dorei: Transforms the user into a Blood Elf
Piccolo of the Flaming Fire: dance fool!
Six Demon Bag: various outcomes, most deadly
Super Simian Sphere: be a monkey ball! nuff said
Time-Lost Figurine (aka Bird Suit): attack in bird form
Tiny Voodoo Mask: gnome version of Barov's lvl 70 style
Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun: epic attack tentacle
Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron: ditto
The Horseman's Baleful Blade: summons helper
Tabard of the Protector: (no longer available) just cool
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Optional evening wear (quest and crafted; no function - just for looks):
Brewfest Garb
Hallowed Helm
Lunar Festival Dresses
Lovefest Dresses
Mariachi Outfit
Tuxedo (Craftable by Tailor):
Tuxedo Jacket
Tuxedo Pants
Tuxedo Shirt
Plenty of other festive attire from tailors.

Other (Funny Mounts, Pets, food and drinks, Card game items, Blizzcon, etc)
Subdued Abyssal Seahorse
Blizzcon Polar Bear Mount
Dragonbreath Chili
Full list of TCG stuff
Goblin Turbo-Trike Key
Giant Sewer Rat
Grey Riding Camel I think there are a few different camels now. Pick one to match your style…
Kodo Mounts
Mammoth Mount

Engineering Necessary Gankware (tried to eliminate duplicates):
Fireworks (150 +more at higher level)
Compact Harvest Reaper Kit (175; consumable)
Goblin Land Mine** (195)
Gnomish Shrink Ray** (205)
Deepdive Helmet**** (230)
Gnomish Battle Chicken (230)
Gnomish Mind Control Cap** (235)
Gnomish Death Ray** (240)
Goblin Rocket Helmet***** (Goblin)
Ultrasafe Transporter – Gadgetzan** (260)
Arcanite Dragonling (300)
Gnomish Flame Turret** (325)
Ultrasafe Transporter - Toshley's Station** (350) (gives growth and other “debuffs”)
Various explosives (e.g. Saronite Bomb)
Gnomish Lightning Generator (425)
Wormhole Generator: Northrend
Goblin BBQ
Elementium Dragonling

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Here are some of our videos (we used to call ourselves <Cereal Killers>, hence the cereal name):

Some of these start slow and you sort of need to know what we are doing. Notice the use of the Gnomish Flame Turret in conjunction with the Net-O-Matic. Also Fart Machine and Cannonball Runner go well with the net....
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You could also play the /AFK decoy part.

Go into some random area that lowbies might frequent and then just sit down and wait. Someone might be fool enough to attack the afk and unstealthed Rogue. Then they are yours for all manner of fun.

Even better to go into one of thier inns and lay on the bed and wait.

You also used to be able to lure them into combat in their home zones with /duel and then have your stealthed friends attack but I think they (Blizzard) removed that....
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85 Draenei Mage
Ragonar says you are just his shadow.
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85 Gnome Rogue
04/10/2011 09:44 PMPosted by Auren
Ragonar says you are just his shadow.

Because I'm black? That's racist! Being a shadow makes me Roguelier than him anyway >.>
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81 Human Warlock
I likes the racer alot! tyvm.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
were do u get the zep at?
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90 Human Rogue
04/12/2011 08:16 AMPosted by Bigsacc
were do u get the zep at?

This guy

Unless you meant the minizep controller, in which case I'm pretty sure that was only for Christmas/Winter's Veil
Edited by Io on 4/12/2011 9:33 AM PDT
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Is the Blue Smoke Flare actually in the game?

I thought it never made it in.

If so, where/how can I get it.

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86 Human Rogue
Is Baby Spice still in the game? It's a Dalaran cooking daily quest reward. You can use on yourself or others. It stacks with other shrinking effects, and if you're a gnome you become nearly microscopic!
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100 Night Elf Rogue
Baby Spice is still around, yeah -- as you noted, it remains a random drop from the Small Spice Bag you get when you finish a cooking daily in Dal. I think it's only a 30-second buff, though, so you've gotta make it count. :)
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85 Goblin Rogue
Don't know if this is on there, but if you use Deepstone oil before you hit the ground, it prevents fall damage.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Frost grenade, arcane bomb, adamantium grenade, saronite bomb and cobalt bomb are all on the one minute bomb timer, along with big daddy, which is goblin only. Saronite bomb is damage only (and not much of it), big daddy is damage only (but a decent amount), and adamantium grenade is the highest level grenade that produces a "disorient" effect- and I haven't seen it fail at level 85s. Arcane Bomb can be resisted, presumably unless you are capped on spell pen.

Potion of Deepholm instantly xports you to sanctuary. You must be out of combat to drink it, just like the invis potions.
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90 Troll Rogue
that is nice was ganking in stormwind priests were all spamming mind control and laughing lol it was fun
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90 Troll Rogue
lol thats beuty
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Welcome to my fav bar, awesome list.
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