Level 80 Resto Druid Guide


80 Night Elf Druid
Someone recently asked me to write a Resto Guide on the forums, so here it is!

-Level 80 Restoration Guide from patch 4.0.1+-

First of all, here are a few tips:

1. Healing isn't for everyone, so, if you're horrible at it, I don't recommend raid/dungeon healing until you've got it down fully.

2. Make sure you know your spec/class before attending raids.

3. If you just plain suck at it, I encourage you to stop healing, at least for awhile. ;)

Recommended glyphs:

Glyph of Swiftmend - No longer consumes a Rejuvenation/Regrowth

Glyph of Rebirth - Players resurrected by Rebirth return to life with 100% health

Glyph of Lifebloom - Increases the critical effect from your Lifebloom ability by 10%

Glyph of Innervate - When Innervate is cast on to a friendly target other than yourself you gain 50% of the effect

Glyph of Wild Growth - Wild Growth now effects 1 additional target

Glyph of Rejuvenation - Increases the healing done by your Rejuvenation spell by 10%

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth - Your Rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent

Wrath of The Lich King Heroic healing:

(-New to being 80-)

Trying to gear your 80 Resto druid can be hard, many 'random' players will criticize your every move, to avoid most of that until you are a bit more geared...

Keep 3 Lifebloom's on the tank at all times along with Rejuvenation (Glyph of Swiftmend helps save mana), put Rejuvenation on all party members, and use Swiftmend when bigger healing is needed to everyone including the tank. If some major healing is needed to >1< player, use Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch. If more than 1 person needs emergency healing use Tree of Life Form and spam Regrowth on everyone (Regrowth - Instant cast in Tree Form).

If you happen to be a bit more geared, geared enough that you were invited to get the Undying title (just a bit prideful, it'll be over in a few days ;)) then you probably will mostly just need to sit there in heroics and keep Rejuvenation on the tank every once in awhile. Keep in mind that over-healing can and will make you wipe.

Raid healing - Tanks -:
10 man -

Raid healing isn't as simple as dungeon healing, I've read many guides and they will tell you how to raid heal, or to focus on the tank you were assigned to heal.

In all the 10 man raid's that I've been in, we're assigned to either the tanks or the raid, not one tank.

You can only keep Lifebloom on 1 person at a time, so, put it on the tank with less health than the other, and keep it up to 3 stacks along with Rejuvenation (Swiftmend when needed), as for the tank with more health... Try to keep Rejuvenation up and Swiftmend needed.
(25 man pretty much works the same way)

Raid healing - Raid -:

Raid healing is very easy, keep Rejuvenation on the melee players that are a bit squishier than others, and again, use Swiftmend when needed.

Oh no! You're on 'Precious' in Icecrown Citadel and the raid is about to wipe!
- Tranquility
Oh no! You're on the other Kitty-Dog 'Stinky' and the raid is about to wipe, Tranquility is on cooldown!
- Tree Form + Regrowth + Wild Growth.

(When raid healing, it is good to use Wild Growth whenever the cooldown is finished).

Happy Hunting!

---- Willing to answer questions if anyone has them, thanks! ---- :)
- World of Warcraft
90 Night Elf Druid
I have a more complete resto druid guide on the druid forums.

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80 Night Elf Druid
You have yours and I have mine, it's ok to have more than 1 guide, ma'am. ;)
80 Night Elf Druid
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80 Human Death Knight
Nice job Shaylayan
90 Night Elf Druid
Resto druids have pretty much been made obsolete and useless for pvp healing since they did away with constant tree form.
85 Tauren Druid
"1. Healing isn't for everyone, so, if you're horrible at it, I don't recommend raid/dungeon healing until you've got it down fully."

No offense to OP, but this is terrible advice to give to a new Druid. How do you learn to heal if you don't run dungeons to practice?

A better bit of advice would be:

If you're new to healing, run dungeons in the lowest bracket you can queue for so you'll have lots of leeway while you're learning.

90 Tauren Druid
More unnecessary reinvention of the wheel. But it's a free country, who are we to judge. I guess.
85 Tauren Shaman
More unnecessary reinvention of the wheel. But it's a free country, who are we to judge. I guess.
80 Night Elf Druid
*80<- (LEVEL) Heroic----->Dungeon/Raid healing, sorry. I should've put that in there. :P
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