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85 Tauren Shaman
hey all, i'v really enjoyed being a healer but up untill recently, and it seems to be only in dire maul, i tend to loose the tank and wipe the team. any tips would be greatly appretiated as it makes me feel sad to get booted from a party :( at first i thought it was bad tanking as i seem to be getting alot of agro onto me or others seem to be pulling it from the tank and i'm to busy healing them to get the tank, but lately i'm pretty sure it's me. looking forward to hearing from you

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100 Tauren Paladin
If you're getting aggro merely by healing, then yes it's a bad tank. Also, let the dps die if they legitimately pulled aggro. It's their own fault.
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85 Tauren Druid
You should make some attempt to keep the dps up when they pull aggro, but only if doing so doesn't put yourself or the tank in danger. You and the tank are hands down the highest priority, and you should heal accordingly. If the problem is that the tank is pulling too much or too quickly, let him know and ask him to slow down.

If the tank is dying while there are adds beating on you, it is absolutely the tank's fault. You can't be expected to keep everyone up while you're also taking damage and getting your spells pushed back.
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85 Tauren Shaman
thanks heaps for your answers, will give it another try when next i'm on and focus on the tank more. cheers
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85 Tauren Druid
just another note here.. a good rule of thumb for healing 5 mans is just keeping your priorities in order - you're the healer, without you the group is toast. so keep yourself alive! here's the order that you should be paying attention to people:


i was recently healing around that level myself, and found myself having the same problems as you, i was doing as much tanking as the tank was most of the time. It happens, the tanks are learning how to tank, just like you're learning how to heal. A good thing to do is if you have a whole bunch of mobs attacking you, make sure you keep yourself alive, and run towards the tank! the mobs will follow you there, and then the tank will pick them up just by accidental aoe most of the time.

I tend to stay pretty close to the tank when I find I'm pulling a lot of aggro. it makes it easier to get to the tank when there's a few mobs hitting you in the face.

I also got a little fed up and started doing AV instead. Healing in there really helps your skills, especially when we turtle :)

keep it up!
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89 Draenei Shaman
I notice you've spec'd into a fairly large amount of utility talents (ie ancestral resolve, focused insight, nature's guardian) for leveling I likely would now use telluric currents but you might find healing easier if you skipped out on some of those. Maybe try Me personally if I were to level again I would stay away from focused insigh and mana tide until you get a good amount of spirit for tide to be worth having.

Food for thought :) Good Luck :)
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80 Draenei Shaman
Above posters make some important points. If there are mobs on you, you will not be able to heal the group. If there are several people taking damage, the tank gets healed above the dps.

As the basics have already been covered there is little reason for me to post here, save one: consider glyphing healing wave. The small heal to yourself each time you cast it can be just what the doctor ordered if all four mouth breathers on your shoulders (i mean in your party) really will not pull that one ranged guy off of you.
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85 Tauren Shaman
hey all, thank you so much for the help, after running the dungeon a few more times (and easily completing it thankyouverymuch :)) i think i found where some of the problem was, there are a heck of alot of death knights tanking for the first time there. not only that, i re-did my talents and added much better glyphs, which has massivily increased my healing output.

thank you for the link kaataa it helped alot, i had been meaning to get rid of focused insight for ages now as it really does nothing for me, i pretty much did the same as the link but i wonder if telluric currents is really worth having? i ended up putting points in nature's guardian instead. what are your thoughts?

thanks again all
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
Also, keep in mind that Dire Maul and up are increased in difficulty from BRD and below. On my warrior with BoA items, I was so used to pulling a whole room at once that I caused a few wipes at Dire Maul by overpulling. So some up and coming tanks might be coming in the dungeon thinking they are invincible... so don't fret! ;p
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90 Tauren Shaman
Yeah, the great DK rush is a big problem at that level. DK do not have taunt yet in Dire Maul, so they have some big limitations. That or they think they can tank in DPS spec.

The big Ancient Tree mobs do a huge armor sunder move that will turn a tank into peanut butter also. Big heals whenever one is pulled- especially when the idiots try to pretend they're in ICC gear in a heroic and pull 2 packs + a Tree.
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90 Goblin Shaman
i think i found where some of the problem was, there are a heck of alot of death knights tanking for the first time there.

This you mentioned :) yes I remember Dire Maul and it was spammy for me then, seemed much tougher. All the new dk's learning the mechanics of their new class, I wanted to slash wrist at times - few had a hard time with aggro management :/ It's not you! I still have some problems lfd with bad dk tanks. Well not just dk's. There are bad players of every class, and good players of every class. LFD is like a box of chocolates right? Never know what your going to get heh. With the new patch, mechanics have changed. Don't feel bad to /ignore bad tanks once you leave group. You'll never have to group with them again.

I levelled this girl lfd from lvl 16 and Dire Maul was probably bit harder healing than BRD then. I never used mana tide all through my levelling. Healing Stream totem (and glyphed) provides some good healing.

PS - Should have mentioned this you're not alone losing a tank in Dire Maul - DM was probably the one dungeon I did the most corpse runs in due to bad dk tanking and dps who think they are tanks - who also think dk will keep aggro off them and healer can heal them through anything :/ yeah those trees hit like freakin mack trucks. A lot of them think it's ok to chain pull large packs of mobs in that instance too, running it like they're an overgeared lvl 80 thinking their healers are overgeared lvl 80's.
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85 Draenei Priest
Overhealing can cause alot of aggro
Let the tank take a bit of damage before you drop a heal on him
Throw a few HOTs before he even pulls
Rinse Repeat
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85 Gnome Rogue
Overhealing can cause alot of aggro

Overhealing causes no aggro.
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Always think of the fight as a big circle 40 yards wide. When you pull aggro simply cross the circle. Keep in mind, tanks are not always turned to where they can see what's happening at their backs. It helps them immensely if you pull the mobs to them. Esp, for DK's because they have that aoe type thing that helps them grab aggro.

As a priest, I have Fade which helps immensely when I pull early aggro from bubbling or renewing. Shamans and druids have less in the aggro shedding department so it is wise to wait til the tank has some threat built up before tossing heals around.
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