Should 1 heals stand above others?

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That's kind of a disingenuous statement. Paladin healers are arguably less vulnerable to stuns than other healers because they can get out of one with Divine Shield. The only other healer abilities that can be used while stunned are Barkskin and glyphed Pain Suppression.

I totally disagree. Back when we had sacred shield maybe that was the case, but not since we lost it. DS is on a really long cd. Druids have barkskin on a short cd and hots. Priests have shields and ps. Shaman have earth shield and as you pointed out, grounding totem. If a pally is stunned they take full damage. A pally must pray that they survive the cc and try to get their health back up asap once they are out of it. CC sucks for all healers, but I do feel pallies are a bit more vulnerable. Though probably not by much.

Shamans also have three instant cast heals. Riptide, Unleash Life and that talented instant heal they get when they dispel stuff. Perhaps none of these are as good as WoG, but WoG takes 3 hp to really shine. And as I said before, HS was nerfed very badly on the beta. I don't think shamans are in a bad place in pvp right now. Maybe they need a bit of tweaking. Priests, on the other hand, do need some serious help in pvp.
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I think it sounds like a great idea. That way, if anyone ever gets tired of being a priest, but still likes being a healer, they have the option of quitting and moving on to a different game, instead of wasting a ton of time leveling up a shaman or druid for a slightly different playstyle.
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And really, hpally damage isn't that great. No one is going to die from an hpally attacking them. Especially with most classes having some form of self heal.

<----------- Killed a rogue in IoC yesterday and I was holy. Took about six minutes and he was terrible. I never got stunned once. Ret Aura, Consecration, Judgments, and heal myself through the pinpricks.

lol, ok I should have said you won't die to a hpally if you aren't a complete moron. Actually I was thinking about writing that when I made the prior post but I assumed that people couldn't possibly be that stupid. Alas, your post proves me wrong. What a terrible rogue. lol

He really was terrible. I was on vent with some guildies while it was happening and they actually kited the other team away before they could notice me just to see if the rogue would die. You are correct though. Complete moron. His name was "Bawtonebay" just kidding I don't remember his name, but that's what I was thinking it should be.
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I was also around in Vanilla. I like competition between healers, I like having a diversity of strengths on the healing team, and I like my friends not feeling under-classed in their role. I also enjoy off-spec shadow occasionally. Think about this -- if one class was predominantly the "healer" class, I can almost guarantee they'd be the last class you'd let DPS because there would be better options.
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If you asked someone who had never played WoW before who they thought would be the best healing class, I think most answers would be Priests. eg In D & D Priests heal and Palis have very minor heals and cures as sort of a backup.

I'm wondering if the WoW community wants a "main" heals class that stands above all others and then use Palis, Shams and Druids as "support" heals or if they are happy with the competition between the classes?

We already do. Reference: Paladin.

I don't agree with this, however, I do respect where it's coming from. There are post from the dev's detailing how tank damage in ICC was designed around how much paladin healers could heal through. The pitfall of this program was that it put paladins in a position where they were basically a must have prior to 4.0 just to make progression content. Sure, there were guilds out there that did it without a pally, but they were few and far between, and even they were recruiting their asses off trying to find one.

That being said, this isn't the case anymore, and while paladins are still strong at what we do, the niche we once enjoyed is now gone. Most of us are thankful for it because we are no longer pigeon holed into one button healing and oh hey look my haste buff is falling off so i get to hit my 2 button now. There was no variety in healing, and the only fun part about it was seeing a one second heal hit the tank and the beacon for 35k each. Oh and a massive Divine Favor buffed LOH on a dragon once you had about ten thousand stacks of emerald vigor.

My point is, these days of paladins being a must have are over. If you're unhappy with your class, you should focus on what's wrong with your class. Not what's right with another one. Are paladins strong right now? Yes we are. Are priests weak right now? Probably but GC broke out the buffbat for you guys yesterday, so calm down a little bit and cut pallies some slack. We don't wanna healing rain on your parade. That's the shammy's job.
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Why does this thread go 3 pages? The OP was stupid and dismissed within 3 posts. The topic should have died.
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