Curiosity about Being a Healer and Looting

80 Night Elf Rogue
Back in the days of FFXI, when I was healing, if I said "brb, afk" and noticed the party pulled right after I announced afk (which, mind you, was often an effort because they'd have to send one person out to piss off a mob 30 seconds outside of your camp range, so ignoring the healer is rarely a mistake), I'd sit there and watch. Then come back at the very last second and say "Oh no, what happened! Did you get aggro'd by a goblin again immediately after I said afk? Wow, that's crazy!"


Vindictive healer was vindictive.
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87 Blood Elf Priest
For everything that's not hard (i.e. everything in wow currently) just loot while they kill. You don't need to be at max range outside of raids, if your closer you can loot and move with the group efficiently. Tanks who are pulling properly on the other hand, should never have the downtime to loot. If there's not a mob attacking you, go get one!
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85 Worgen Death Knight

I'm not QQing, I'm just curious. I haven't been healing for very long. Only a few weeks, actually, and I am happy that I am pretty good at it for the most part. BUT... one thing that I've noticed is that I don't often get a chance to loot the mobs with the rest of the group. Most often, the tank loots, the DPS loot, and since I am standing just a little bit back (for safety reasons) and am sometimes throwing the last heals on the group once out of combat, by the time I get to the mob, the tank is often running to the next set of mobs and pulling. Sometimes, he or she gets out of range or LOS before I can quickly loot like the rest of the team and catch up.

I'm not complaining or putting down tanks or DPS. I have tremendous respect for all the roles in a group, but I am merely curious if any other healers feel this way and/or if they have any tips for me to loot the mobs and not put my party in jeopardy because I want to loot the cloth, etc too.

When I have DPSd or tanked, I have never run faster than the healer can catch up and always waited for the healer to loot/replenish any mana he or she may need, but I have noticed since I started healing that most people don't do that.

Anyone else experience this, or am I doing something wrong?

As a tank, if my healer is just a bit slow at looting and I run out of range, I know I need to 1. Not pull that second group, and 2. Keep myself alive (with cooldowns if need be) until they catch up. Tanks are generally the leaders for good reason, and if they aren't paying attention to the speed the rest of the group is performing at, then they're just some wannabe. We need to be able to set a pace that everyone is happy with. DPS want to GOGOGOGOGOGOGOG and healers (generally) want to loot things and sometimes drink (though if my healer is drinking it means I'm pulling too much).

In short, unless you're spending 15+ seconds looting, it's a tank issue.
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80 Blood Elf Hunter
You have a nice attitude, Aleriax! I like it! :)

tnx ^^

When u play with every class and both factions, you don't want them to nerf anything.

Also when u play a dps, you remember the pain of tank or heal, so you do their lifes easy.

When i play my tank, for example, i don't like DPS telling me to "gogogo" but if the healers say "gogogo" then i know that i can go faster, because when i play my healer i know when i would like to say "gogogo" to the tank and if that healer just told me to "go" then i'm really slow.

I also know that some dpsers are doing a good job but outgear me as a tank, so i have to be ready to get aggro back when they pull it from me. I wont get mad, i know how is to be a DPS that outgear the tank and that you have to slow down or just autoattack, and its great when the tank contemplate this... etc.

As a tank, i would like to finish the instance asap. as a healer i would like to loot, there is a middle point.

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100 Night Elf Priest
I battle-loot when possible if the tank is topped off. Also, I loot everything that sparkles. It's part of why I go on dungeons. If they don't want to wait for me, fine. They can die and I'll just meld and res. It's their repair bill. Personally I am looking forward to slower dungeon experiences in Cataclysm.
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85 Undead Warlock
On my healer I just loot as the mobs drops so the tank can continue on his merry way. True they will be annoyed by the loot popping up when they are in combat but they'll deal since they want to Zerg through the instance anyways.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
As I am a warrior and basically have to have a healer glued to my hip I generally wait for them to be ready between pulls

while thats not really the case at the moment because I can pull groups now and leave with more health than I started Its still a habit of mine to wait xD
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
While a tank may set the pace of a group, it's part of that tank's job is do be aware of where the healer is, what they are doing, and how much MP they have.

If they aren't doing that, then feel free to remind them to slow down. Feel free to loot. If the group refuses to take your needs into consideration, then it really is okay to leave. You can be in another group in a few minutes, anyway. You don't need to spend the entire dungeon being miserable because certain people have delusions of grandeur.

Seriously. You can be the greatest healer in the world, but you just can't cure stupidity.
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90 Troll Shaman
Well generally what I do, is keep an eye on the fights as well. Towards the end of any pull the incoming damage is greatly reduced for a variety of obvious reasons (read mobs are dying) Generally its safe to move towards the group because the last mob is not much of a threat on its own.

Unless of course for some reason the last mob left alive does a melee aoe attack. But generally anyway =D
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87 Blood Elf Priest
Happens to me all the time. Just try to use your healing mobility to your advantage. Go ahead and start looting at the end of the fight. Try and throw a pre-hot on the tank before he runs off. Stuff like that.

You could try asking them to slow down but in my experience getting people to even say hi in an LFD group is a challenge. :/
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100 Gnome Priest
A tank who leaves their healer in the dust doesn't get heals unless they're lucky enough to have a hybrid class DPS notice the lack of healer and throw some heals on the tank while the healer catches up.

If the tank is well enough geared, it won't matter that the healer isn't present for a little bit. If the tank is poorly geared, it's the tank's own fault for not keeping an eye on where their healer is, and that's a lesson the tank needs to learn.

I don't loot for grey Fur Scraps. I loot for stuff that'll pay for my repair bill, my gems, my pots, and crafting materials (Tailors loot level appropriate extra cloth, not grey quality scraps, as a profession bonus; if a Tailor is still trying to level their skill, odds are they're burning through the cloth they loot normally and may not be able to afford purchasing off of the AH from Tanks and DPS who were able to loot before running off for the next pack).

All of that said, though, don't stand at max range. I try to stand between the ranged DPS and the fight itself, and when there's only 1 mob left standing, I can start moving forward before it's dead so I have a smaller distance to run before I can loot.

I use PW: S and PoM as a Disc priest (my Renew sucks, and it can get me on a threat list if things happen to go horribly wrong) if I have a tank who can't stand still and I'm feeling patient.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I healed on my Pally alt today. Tank was in blues. Not level 80 blues. Lvl 78 blues. His HP was dropping like crazy in Gun'drak. Still he was rushing from mob to mob, probably thinking he is some OP tank.

That or it is someone like me who tanks on multiple characters, and forgets that they are not all at the same gear level.

As a side note, I generally like to rush forward to stay ahead of the DPS. There are too many who like to go nuts before I can even get to a mob. If I am constantly rushing forward, I can get to the mobs and have 2-3 seconds to build up threat before they can land hit.
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73 Draenei Priest
I just start looting as soon as NPCs start dying. I'll throw up some bubbles and loot while everyone else keeps killing mobs.
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100 Human Paladin
First off, looting is definitely your friend and beneficial for everyone. I calculated my intake of gold over more than 100 random dungeons, and found the following:

  • cash average - 22g

  • trash average - 20g

  • cloth value average - 10g

  • greens average - 20g (value goes up if running with an enchanter, which I am, but I assume that you're vendoring greens here).

  • This is per character, so not looting will cost 72 g on average / dungeon, per character. If all 5 members fail to loot, that's 360g / dungeon. Assuming 15 minute dungeon runs on average, the cost is 284 g / person and 1420 g / hour for a party of five. This is actually nothing to sneeze at. People who think they're actually making gold by not taking a moment to loot are actually deluding themselves seriously.

    I suspect I'm preaching to the choir.

    At any rate, I recommend turning on autoloot and starting to loot in combat. You may find it helpful to get a mod that moves the loot roll box. I recommend TeksLoot at Another great addon that will help you not get distracted by the nuts and bolts of looting in combat is one called Disgreed (also at wowinterface) by Aesh. It automatically rolls "greed" on greens unless disenchanting is available, when it rolls "DE".
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    Anything worth anything is going to come up for a roll. Most of the crap that drops just clutters my bags anyway!
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    90 Human Priest
    I take the time to loot as well whenever I heal randoms, and I always have. Most of what I do has already been mentioned through this thread, but it's simple stuff. Make sure you always have room in your bags so you don't have to mess with it, have auto loot turned on, don't worry about healing dps over 80% right away, and let hots tick on the tank. Once a few of the mobs go down and damage is at a less frantic level, go ahead and move forward and start looting. I use the add-ons XLoot and XLootGroup so my roll frames pop up where I want them instead of in the middle of the screen (and right on top of my healing frames =0).

    No one believes that taking the time to loot those mobs and vendor those grays adds up, but it really does. More importantly, just that little break gives you a bit of a breather. Don't hesitate to speak up if the pace is too fast or slow for you, you and the tank need to work together to make a successful and fun group. =)
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    100 Human Paladin
    Most of the comments are along the line of "this is how to mitigate the DPS/Tank issue". I get tired real quick of tanks running ahead to aggro more mobs. I get tired even faster of DPS pulling instead of Tanks. I prefer to take the instance a little slow and enjoy it. For the ones that like to rush off and see how fast you can do the instance, you will die. Of course I also quit doing random dungeons. Since I never seemed to find a Tank that was worthwhile, or DPS that would only do their job and not try to do the Tanks job too, I stopped.
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