5% Spellcrit debuff

80 Gnome Warlock
Currently, unless I'm misinformed, the 5% spellcrit debuff is applied only by certain specs of two DPS classes- Fire spec mages, and warlocks who spec or subspec Shadow and Flame in destruction.

This is a relatively important debuff to apply to bosses, and in a 10-man raid it's not altogether likely that it will be applied automatically. There are plenty of non-fire mages out there. Warlocks, on the other hand, all tend to subspec Shadow and Flame, no matter what their main tree is.

The problem is that for destruction, Shadow Bolt (the spell that delivers the 5% crit debuff) would be a DPS loss to cast, except for the debuff, which means we have Yet Another Timer to stare at (for the record, this makes nine for destro: three DoTs, two cooldown nukes, soulburn cooldown, improved soul fire buff, and ISB debuff on boss).

Even some versions of the affliction spec don't ever cast shadowbolt - they rely instead on drain life as their filler spell (since it is buffed by mastery). Demonology, done right, spams shadow bolt as its filler now unless under Molten Core procs, but at level 85 Emberstorm would make incinerate a better spell to cast all the time. There's a likelihood that emberstorm will move deeper into the tree (it's listed as a known bug) but for now that's where it is.

Don't get me wrong- I enjoy the complexity of destruction DPS, and Demonology is also a hoot. It is just that the ISB debuff is relatively rare, and annoying to apply in a hectic raid situation.

The only suggestion I have would be to attach the ISB debuff to Soul Fire as well (since the new version of Imp Soul Fire means we'll be probably casting SF whenever we can), or to either chaos bolt or incinerate under a soul burn effect. Soul Burn inicinerate- incinerate applies the ISB debuff for the next 60 seconds.
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Well, given the entirety of the destruction tree is based on fire damage, I don't think it's out of this world to suggest casting shadowbolt as destruction doesn't make a lot of sense.

Seems to me the crit debuff could be applied by additional classes...

Chaos bolt is certainly lackluster enough in that it could be the spell to provide this debuff for destruction locks.

I don't think soul fire would be the right place for it since, well, what if you're really unlucky with insta-cast procs or, heaven forbid, you're out of shards? You'd have to hard-cast a soul fire which would really clunk up the spec if you had to watch for that debuff.

Putting it on chaos bolt would be a simple and effective solution. If indeed destro locks should be required to provide this debuff.
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Elemental had the 3% crit debuff, not the 5% spell crit debuff. They got rid of the former all together. Regardless, though, Elemental may not be the best choice for that - we already bring quite a few buffs as it is.

Maybe they could just give it to all mages and warlocks rather than being so spec-specific?
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90 Human Mage
Given the new mechanics of Shatter, it probably wouldn't be a good idea for Frost Mages to bring the 5% crit debuff.
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80 Gnome Warlock
Twoowuv's suggestion seems reasonable- at this point in PvE, chaos bolt is something like incinerate x 1.1, which is pretty lackluster for (a) a talent point and (b) staring at a cooldown timer. If it also applied the ISB debuff (or even stacked 1% at a time or something), that'd be a reasonably nice thing to add to the spell.
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