doh! /facepalm

80 Orc Shaman
Since Justice Points came out, I have been running my prot pally through herocs to build up my ret set (for what reason I don't know, since cata is right around the corner).

Before patch 4.0 I had differentiated the set piece by their ratings. Like Dodge/Parry/Def as tank, Crit/haste for Ret and Spell Power for holy. I accidentally used that mentality when purchasing my latest piece of "ret" gear. t10 Helment with crit and haste. Unfortunately after running some battlegrounds and such, I have come to find that my ret helmet was actually holy helmet. And of course, the 2 hour tradeback time had already expired. Indeed a /facepalm for all facepalms. I be retarded.

Of course, what kind of person would I be if I didn't point the finger at someone else for my own mistakes ? Not the typical kind, that's for sure. So I blame blizzard. Have you guys seen these vendors (of course you have) There is 9 different sets. 9! All on a single vendor. And that doesn't even count the T9 sets that are on these guys as well. Just a tad annoying to sort through. Anyone else ever feel that way when buying their set pieces from the guy ?

(but of course, I do recognize it is my own fault for not paying attention. my dbm didn't make an alert ? )

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90 Human Paladin
Put in a ticket. I got confused with the 2 T9 sets for hunters a while back.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
It's not Blizzards problem when a player misreads or just plain dosen't read a tooltip given to them in plain sight. It's likely they wont replace it.
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80 Dwarf Paladin
that not cool!
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