Focus like/dislike?

91 Blood Elf Hunter
Basically, Kolzi, what's happening is that we are restricted.

By restricted I mean, let's say I go through my normal starting rotation: Explosive shot (46 focus- with talent), Black Arrow (35 focus), Serpent Sting (25 focus). That eats up all of my focus pool right there. Now let's say I am in a fight in which movement is a must- the regen rate on focus is so slow there would be no way I would be able to get out my next explosive. Right now we literally have to stand in one place and get our steady shots out. That is the only way we have of regen our focus (unless you are a blood elf- and even that 15 focus back is almost laughable). Our focus regen is also the slowest of the energy/runic power classes.

When we had aspect of the viper, this wasn't a problem at all. Right now we have no other focus regen abilities besides one that has a 1.5 cast time (depending on haste value) that requires us to not move.
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85 Troll Death Knight
I think the big issue with Focus right now is that it relies a little too heavily on Steady Shot.

A lot of complaints would pretty much disappear if the ratio between passive focus regen and focus gained from SS was evened out a bit.

Right now, when you're not able to cast SS, you have problems since you're missing like 3/4ths of your focus generation. If it was more like half or even a third of your overall focus generation, it'd be much more tolerable.
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82 Blood Elf Paladin

That said, it can be asked what is the big difference between Steady/Cobra building energy, and Mutilate/Sinister Strike/Backstab building CPs, and dumping Focus/Energy to initiate further damage?

Hmm... I feel like the biggest differences between the two is the sense of finisher cooldown and interaction. Let's say, for this example, that anything that isn't steady shot is a "finisher" for a hunter. Well, our finishers don't really interact with each other. We want to keep serpent sting up, and in order to do that we have to use a finisher(or cobra shot), but unlike the rogue class, I feel like we're left with a lot of "combo point dumps". As in, we have this focus we just generated, and now we're going to dump it on our pets kill command, or if that's on cooldown, we're going to dump it on our literal focus dump - arcane shot.

These abilities deal damage, but that's all they seem to do. They don't interact with each other, we're constricted with low focus from using damaging abilities, but then we're doubly restricted by cooldowns on the "finishers" that we would prefer to be using. In other words, if hunters were rogues, it would be like there being a 10 second cooldown on eviscerate, and you having a second weaker eviscerate with no cooldown that ate a combo point instead of generating one, that you were forced to use just so you don't go overboard on combo points before your eviscerate comes off cooldown. It's like, in order to keep doing something, you have to remove combo points (focus) from the pool, so you're working backwards almost.

I agree that there are definitely some parallels between the two systems and their resource methods. Anyway, that's how I feel about it, I usually type a lot and then someone comes in a few hours later and sums up how I feel with one sentence. I'm not against focus persay, but I felt that a thread focused on focus might help the devs see what players enjoy or don't enjoy about focus itself, rather than a thread throwing out suggestions to try and fix the hunter class around focus or just remove focus or anything else. You know, see if the root has issues before working on the rest of the tree.
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85 Worgen Hunter
My problem is you steady spam so your able to use a shot that's on a CD that barely does any more damage then a shot that's half the focus and no CD.

Its like what's the point there is no reward there isn't anything exciting to work towards

With rogues and kitties you work towards your CP because you know once you get those 5 CP you will be able to use an ability that will be worth the work you did to get there
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100 Night Elf Druid
My problem is you steady spam so your able to use a shot that's on a CD that barely does any more damage then a shot that's half the focus and no CD.

Its like what's the point there is no reward there isn't anything exciting to work towards

With rogues and kitties you work towards you CP because you know once you get those 5 CP you will be able to use an ability that will be worth the work you did to get there

That's already fixed on the beta, but for whatever reason Blizzard seems set on waiting until 4.03a to release it to the live servers.
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94 Night Elf Druid
As a new hunter, I like focus. I do think that steady shot should be a bit faster casting, or grant a bit more focus(or have more opportunities for cheaper shots, even if only temporary) but i think the idea overall is fine.

comparing to rogues, I like the fact that I can actively influence my focus gain vs waiting for it to recharge on its own. I know that when i cast steady, ill have some focus, as opposed to blowing a finisher so that a few seconds after the fact I'll see a return. I also feel that I have to be more careful with the timing, both of when to steady, or when to hold off shooting my other shots for a half second, or when to dump into arcane. It beats 'spam this combo builder 5 times, use this finisher, repeat.'
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100 Night Elf Druid
The Efficiency talent lowers Arcane Shot's cost and also lowers Explosive/Chimera Shot in the same ratio. It's a mandatory talent that you can't really just ignore while theorycrafting as it takes a full second of the time you need for an XS/CS.
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90 Orc Hunter
I am fine with the mechanic. The problems are that Blizz needs to tune the mechanics more so that hunters have a) burst b) sustained damage able to compete for top DPS c) the ability to use their utility abilities when needed.

Because Focus limits our ability to spam shots, those shots need to hit harder. Significantly harder. Also, utility abilities like Tranq shot need to cost significantly less focus or simply have the cost removed and put on a cooldown. Also, Focus regen out of combat should be measurably increased. I would prefer the passive Focus regen to be increased to something around 6ish and reducing--but not removing--our reliance on Steady Shot.
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Its a cool idea but needs tweaking cause it seems too slow to regen. We'll see when AoTFox hits.

Edit: Oh but it is silly that you have to sacrifice Hawks AP bonus for steady on the move which is pretty necessary
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80 Night Elf Hunter
When the first info about Focus was released, Ghostcrawler stated that Focus was going to passively regen at 6/s and using Steady or Cobra was going to increase that to 9. When Focus hit the testing, the first reports showed a passive regen of around 3/s. A slight tweak was made and the end result was around 4/s and that's where we stand now. Nowhere in any testing were Hunters allowed to see how the regen felt at 6/s like the original design was intended to be.

I'd like to see passive Focus regen bumped up to 6/s. I'd also like to see Steady/Cobra provide a buff that increased Focus regen to 9/s for around 2-3 seconds instead of a flat Focus return. This will help with the issues of slow focus regen. Hunters could also use a little boost to "out of combat" Focus regen. And I'd like to see Fox take the "defensive" aspect role by adding a +dodge modifier to it as well. This would allow PvP'ing Hunters to switch to Fox when being attacked or on the move, and then be able to switch to Hawk when the Hunter is left free to plug away at ranged opponents.
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