39 Dwarf Hunter
Why is there no nerf on those rogues that ruin low level pvp WHY!???
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
It's not just low-level...
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
why is there no nerf on those pets that ignore vanish!!! why why WHY?!?!?!
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Is Ambush in PvP over-powered at low levels? Yes (and I play a lowbie Rogue). Is Blizzard aware of this? Yes. Do they plan to fix the issue? Most likely, yes, but they have other things on their plate at the moment (something about an expansion pack launch, and the related first major content patch, where we *might* see the issue addressed).
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87 Human Rogue
I just chose to level a Rogue rather than QQ about how they make PVP impossible for my clothies. And you know what, being OP for a while until level cap is fun. You ought to try it out sometime. Once the BG's are overrun with nothing but Holy Paladins and Rogues, maybe someone will pay attention to and fix the situation in lowbie brackets.
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90 Goblin Rogue
If you are getting one shotted by rogues at 80 you are not wearing pvp gear and must not have much stamina. Any good player with a pvp trinket knows how to deal with a rogue. Remember, when a rogue kills you in a stunlock there is a good chance he blew a few cooldowns and will have to pop more to escape in a bg scenario. Try playing a rogue before you cry OP. How is a rogue ambush more OP than a 50k deepfreeze Mage? Seems to me that every class is OP compared to how they were before patch 4
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87 Human Rogue
If you are getting one shotted by rogues at 80 you are not wearing pvp gear and must not have much stamina. <snip>
I think you have missed the very important point that the discussion is centred around lower level brackets, not the all-important level cap.
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85 Goblin Priest
Why is there no nerf on those rogues that ruin low level pvp WHY!???

This topic has been beat to a pulp. Many a thread about this on the old forums. No need to reopen the topic hear.

Also there was beta build a couple of weeks ago that scaled back damage for levels 1-79 for all classes. So when 4.0.3a goes live things should be different.

Next time do a search to find out this information rather then make a new topic.

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28 Gnome Warlock
I'll admit that high level rogues aren't nearly as bad. It gets better 60s-70s. Low level it's a joke. I've one shot 39s with my 31 rogue.

@Rothead I've got an 80 rogue and I'm leveling another now. (I swear I started him before the patch!) They aren't that difficult to play. You act like CDs are that big of a deal. Look at sub rogues. The CDs on SS, Premed, and even SD aren't that bad and then you've got Prep if you need it. Sure. Rogues with CDs busted aren't nearly the same threat but I would say it evens out.

Oh, and I agree! Frost mages are ridiculous! I was getting spammed by 9k ice lances the other night. Only have like 1k resil on that toon but come on 9k ice lances? wtf? I mean the elemental was hitting for around 2k ever bolt. D:
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80 Blood Elf Rogue

maybe this will end the QQ: they should take away all abilities and all item stats. Nerf everyone. maybe then I can not have an anxiety attack while running the flag in WSG.

In all seriousness Almost every class has some bull@@#* OP ability : ravage, lava burst, hand of gul-"OMFGWTFBBQ", etc. Out of all my level 80s I have one "I win button" or button combination . All abilities are scaled for level 85 which sucks for low levels, but low level BG have always sucked unless you are the top level for the BG.
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85 Tauren Death Knight
if you get 1 shot at 80 u must be in scrub gear and shouldnt even be in bg you should be off doing randoms
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85 Troll Rogue
People just have to complain about something, move along.
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