Phase 3 of the Elemental Invasion


90 Tauren Druid
I cant wait till the invasion starts, as right now the quests are over so fast that you get bored again in just a few mins : \

The time between the start of stage 2 and stage 3 was shorter. I can tell you the current plan is to make the time between stage 3 and 4 even shorter. ;)

What's the timeline for stage: shattering?
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm really liking the build up to this. Can't wait to see phase 4 and Deathwing ripping Azeroth a new one.
90 Goblin Death Knight
Hope the city invasions happen soon ^^
85 Tauren Paladin
From what I hear the invasion is going to be long lasting and its going to happen a lot. Not just once. It will be a ongoing thing.
So bringing all the cultists together in the same place? Pretty stupid.
85 Troll Druid
happy to see the increase in pacing.
100 Dwarf Hunter
Nice that means stage 4 will be monday which is elemental invasion and The Shattering will start nov 23rd.... I sure hope we can test out The shattering on PTR "Public Test Realm" Before that ;p
86 Night Elf Druid
From what I hear the invasion is going to be long lasting and its going to happen a lot. Not just once. It will be a ongoing thing.

The zone invasions have been going on for a couple weeks now. The city invasions will be much shorter. I'm guessing that the final phase will be on Monday, with the Shattering this Tuesday.
100 Tauren Shaman
So... is Thrall attackable in Nagrand for Alliance?

Because if he is that'd be an easy way to kill him.

There are 4 elementals that patrol around it and hit for 70k.

And he's neutral.

Excuses, Excuses.

It's quite fun just sitting here flagged, and watching people attack you unknowing that the elementals will become hostile and one-shot you.

I roflstopmed two alliance and the elementals didn't lay a finger on me. Maybe they like shamans?
31 Dwarf Paladin
So after talking to Thrall, that's it, yes? There's nothing I'm missing?
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Im fairly certain that was an attempt to get people to flag and get wtfpwned by a bunch of people while expecting the elementals to save them lol.
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Go to sw i think and there should be a few more quests .
31 Dwarf Paladin
OMFG I found the mind-blowing content!

Thrall is at the throne of elements. AND he's in the inn in garadar! At the same time!

My mind is blown.
85 Blood Elf Mage
wait is this elemental city invasion only going to happen once??
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