The "I think this should happen thread"

85 Blood Elf Paladin
I think () should happen to my class to make it better or worse. You fill in the brackets.

I think they should do something about retributions threat generation. I take agro from hitting a button, let alone my rotation.
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87 Orc Warrior
what on earth are you talking about fury is much higher damage in pve and fury pvp is significantly better than before the patch (though not as good as arms thats hardly a fair expectation)
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90 Tauren Shaman
Fix my Mastery to actually represent what my spec is: a hybrid of melee and caster, not just plain caster in melee range.

Shaman by nature are casters, so why does the Mastery for the melee spec improve on the caster damage, when it's the melee damage we'd need help with?
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85 Undead Rogue
• Fix the abilities or mechanics that are actually overpowered instead of blanket nerfing everything.
• Remove Instant Poison and tack on the damage to all the utility poisons so we don't have to trade damage for utility.
• Stack combo points on the rogue.
• Revamp rogue trees to incorporate synergy and actually give them a theme that isn't Damage, Survivability, or Mobility.
• Buff Rupture damage.
• Stop turning Subtlety into the Feral tree and make Assassination the poison and bleed tree instead.
• Make Shadowstep baseline.
• Turn Subtlety into this:
• Remove the positional requirement from Backstab and call it Shadowstab which deals weapon damage plus additional shadow damage over time.
• Remove Stealth or make it a limited duration cooldown instead so we can stop being balanced around our ability to pick our fights.
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85 Draenei Shaman
I'd like them to make sure that specs other than frost exist for mage pvp.

I'd like them to tell us whether or not fire is supposed to use scorch to manage its mana pool.

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85 Human Rogue
Assassination getting a unique short-cooldown (30 sec cd or less) gap closer.

Slice and Dice being removed and re-balance all special attacks to hit harder instead so that we aren't reliant on auto-swing damage.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I think Blizzard should ban pointless wishlist threads that don't encourage discussion or intelligent thought.
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
I think Unholy needs a more potent mastery and I want Necrotic Strike RIGHT NOW. F$ck 85, I'm tired of watching my whole entire team getting tanked by a holy pally with furious shoulders.
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85 Orc Shaman
I think Blizzard should actually examine the issues Shamans, and Enhancement especially, have and fix them. Movement DPS issues, totem buffs vs. improved versions others got, and terrible melee damage/scaling are the top of my list.
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Well, I was always more of a fan of the stealth/opener oriented style of Subtlety than the new finisher-oriented stuff, so, personally, I'd like to see:

The relative strength of Openers get toned down. Obviously, they still need to be stronger or have more utility than standard abilities.

The ability to stealth more often in combat to compensate for the above. Now, I don't quite mean 'vanish now has a 30 second cooldown'; I mean some relatively low cooldown ability that grants you stealth (perhaps unbreakable, perhaps not. I could see arguments either way.) for a set amount of time (3-5 seconds), then removes it after that amount of time regardless of whether or not you've taken/dealt damage (of course, opening/attacking will break this effect early). That way, it's not an escape mechanism, just something to give the opportunity to open again.

Possibly make it an effect tied to Shadowstep, and possibly make it obey Stealth's cooldown so that you can't use it after just leaving stealth and you can't do a legitimate stealth immediately after using it, as Stealth will be on cooldown already from the temporary stealth, just to ensure it isn't used as an escape mechanism.

Master of Subtlety becomes the mastery.

A few other minor things that I don't have quite as many solid ideas on (I'd love to see HAT changed away from generating CP out of my control, and I'd love to see Shadow Dance less focused on pooling->spamming. Perhaps have it cause the temporary stealth on a low cooldown detailed above, or have it be a passive that adds that functionality to Shadowstep).

All the above said, I understand why it probably won't happen. Stealth is a very, very tricky thing to keep balanced and adding in the ability to do it more often, even with counterbalances, is a pretty big risk. Going for the finisher focus for the tree is a more surefire way of balancing, even if the flavor is a bit diluted from the original stealth-oriented theme.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
* fix all of our mandatory boring passive talents that were supposed to be deleted in the first place.
* take rune costs off of on use abilities so they stop disrupting rotations ( this will also let us use blood tap for when we need it instead of being forced to use it to activate another ability in the first place ).
* in pve make hungering cold either:

last as long as the disease that it places on enemies so that they can be CCd after the hungering cold OR.
remove the application of frost fever upon use of hungering cold. if CC is supposed to be coming back in such a big way, this one move makes no sense in this scenerio.

* make howling blast NOT break CCs on its cleaved dmg.
* either:
make a new runeforge that is fallen crusader+razorice for a 2 hander. OR.
stick on might of the frozen wastes, the razorice effect.

2H frost DKs single target dmg is really suffering and razorice somewhere for 2H frost seems to be the best way to fix the problem.

* frost DK mobility needs to be addressed. sticking a TBW type effect on pillar of frost seems to be the best fix for this problem. instead of dmg reduction and the immunity to CCs, keep the 20% str and immunity to CCs/snares. you can remove the knockback protection, as its barely even noticed.

and thats about it.
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85 Human Rogue
Oh, and put in the lower level balance patch already, if balance is set for level 85's, we shouldn't be stuck at level 80, end of story.

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